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The best at-home workouts do not usually need a lot of equipment other than your own bodyweight, or any equipment. That's good news for many exercisers who, because of the new coronavirus, may not have dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or other equipment at home, especially after the closures of gyms and fitness studios (and the guidelines for social distance practice).If you don’t have a lot of equipment, at-home bodyweight workouts are clutch and allow you to keep up your fitness routine.If you don't have a whole rack of equipment at your disposal, you may think your options are limited, but that's certainly not the case. To work almost every muscle in your body, you can use body weight exercises, from your quads (squats) to your ass (glute bridges, anyone?) to your chest (yes, you can do a push-up!) to your heart (plank variations for the win!).

They are not only great for building strength, however: bodyweight exercises can double as a cardio routine, especially when you choose movements that are easy to ramp up in intensity and perform them in a way that challenges you with minimal rest, usually circuit-style, cardiovascularly.

Plus, there's a lot of bodyweight exercises out there, meaning there are almost infinite options for bodyweight workouts, and we've rounded up a bunch of them here for you. Do you just want to get home in the lower body?

1. Walk

Running is a great exercise that young and old people can do. It could be in the park, around the house, around the yard, or around the neighborhood. You can stroll, jog or even run as long as you have dry land. This is a perfect aerobic exercise without the treadmill at the gym, which burns calories.

2. Skipping Rope

Some people can find it overwhelming to go outside to walk or jog on a bright sunny day. This is where I consider skipping rope to be a healthy aerobic option. It can seem quick to miss the rope-every time it falls at your feet, you just hope to go over the rope. Technically, it's, but it's pretty hard to do 300 reps without crashing the chain.

3. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a friendly sport that involves the upper body, hands, and leg movements. And it is a great home workout when it rains outside, since it works indoors.

4. Push-up

Push-up can be used to target not just your pecs but also your triceps as an alternative to bench pressing for strengthening and toning your chest muscles. To target more of your tricep muscles, you can do a big push-up routine to target your chest or tiny push-up repetitions.

5. Squats

To do squats, you do not need to have a rack. You can do body weight squats for instance, which use your own body weight as resistance only. It's perfect for your shape to be handled. If you have dumbells at home, when doing your squat routine, you can use them to do front squats that raise the dumbells at shoulder level.