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Bodybuilding Anatomy: How to Build Strong Triceps

Bodybuilding Anatomy: How to Build Strong Triceps

How many of us who work out with weights on a regular basis consider the composition and purpose of the muscle group we are working? Yes, you can achieve results by just doing exercises without thought, but understanding the fundamentals of anatomy is necessary if you really want an amazing physique. This is the reason:

Gaining knowledge of a muscle group's anatomy and physiology will help you train it to its full potential in terms of size, strength, and power.

2. Understanding the anatomy of a muscle helps you visualize that muscle. This helps you visualize in your mind's eye how that specific muscle is functioning during a given exercise.

3. A lot of muscles serve several purposes. Knowing this is essential to avoid overtraining any one muscle.

I'll describe the origin, insertion, and function of the triceps brachii in this article. I'll then give you a list of targeted exercises that work every muscle in the body. Having an anatomy book handy would be very beneficial so you could refer to it while you read. If you don't have a book, simply click the blog link at the conclusion of this post.


The scapula (shoulder blade) and humerus (upper arm bone) are connected to the ulna (forearm bone) by the triceps brachii, which is actually made up of three heads. The lateral, medial, and long heads are the names given to these heads.

The side of the humerus that faces outward is home to the lateral head. It has a traditional horseshoe-shaped appearance.

The medial head is situated in relation to the humerus's midline.

The largest of the three heads is the long head, which runs along the rear of the humerus.


One of the two forearm bones, the ulna, is where the triceps muscle inserts after growing from the humerus bone.


The triceps' main job is to extend the elbow, which straightens the arm.

Only the long head of the triceps muscle can perform the secondary function of adduction, which is to lower the arm toward the body. The long head's attachment to the scapula allows for this to be achieved. The latissimus dorsi, a large back muscle, and the triceps have the same purpose. Of those of you who work out your triceps frequently, how many of you were aware of this secondary role? You already seem to be learning something!


The tricep muscle is worked by any movement that extends the elbow, but some exercises, in my opinion, are particularly beneficial for developing all three heads of the muscle. Try these for the utmost in size, strength, and power:

1. Extended Triceps Using Bodyweight

2. Tricep Extensions That Lyse

3. Bench Press with Close Grip

4. Dips in the Bench

These exercises work better than others for two reasons. These exercises start with the triceps muscle stretched. A fast change in direction causes more muscle fibers to activate than they would normally when the muscle is under tension in the stretched position—something you definitely want when building strength, power, or size.

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Second, you assist in extending the muscle's surrounding fascia. Stretching facilitates the growth of muscles by releasing the fascia.


The bulk of the arm is composed primarily of the triceps muscle. Regarding the arm's overall anatomical structure, that is significant. Understanding the fundamentals of anatomy has equipped you with the knowledge to train both SMART and HARD. I dare you to study up on the anatomy of muscles in the human body—it truly is a marvel of engineering.