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Is It Bad For You To Eat Protein Powder? What Dangers Are There?


Is It Bad For You To Eat Protein Powder? What Dangers Are There?

You've likely considered taking protein powders if you're trying to gain muscle mass. Should you be worried about your health when taking these supplements?

Like you and me, a lot of people are trying to gain muscle mass. We can't help but notice how many different supplements are on the market during this procedure. There is nearly a guarantee that you have seen an advertisement for a muscle-building product if you watch sports or any men's TV networks.

Protein powders have to be the most widely utilized supplement for muscle growth. Those utilizing creatine may be spotted in second place. The list continues from there.

Can using a creatine supplement have any negative side effects?

I'd want to use this opportunity to talk about protein powders and whether or not they're unhealthy. Since it is essentially what people look into buying when attempting to grow bulk, I made the decision that I wanted to concentrate on this topic. You likely have protein powder stored in your home. If not, you've probably tried gaining mass using protein powder.

Since the FDA hasn't always approved certain supplements, you should always conduct your research before taking any supplements at all. Let's look at the potential health risks associated with protein powder in this post.

1. Kidney Stones: I never had kidney stones when using a protein supplement, but I did have kidney pain. There appears to be a link between kidney stones and protein, even though I don't think this has been proven.

My friend who works as a personal trainer gave me a thorough explanation, and after much study, I discovered that protein powder may not be as healthy as you may think. This only applies when you misuse the system, just like anything else.

2. Acidic Blood: Osteoporosis can be a direct result of having acidic blood. An excessive protein intake might lead to acidic blood levels. This negative effect was initially mentioned on a website called Project Swole.

3. Liver Issues: Consuming an excessive amount of protein may be detrimental to your liver. Who was aware? This negative effect was mentioned on the Your Doctor website.

Ultimately, it's critical to refrain from consuming excessive amounts of any one thing. The majority of internet resources state that you shouldn't consume more than 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

You should be aware that taking protein supplements by itself won't cause you to gain muscle mass if you want to experiment with them. I've heard that taking high-quality supplements to build muscle will increase your results by 10%. Only if you're following a diet and exercising properly, though.