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Can using a creatine supplement have any negative side effects?


Can using a creatine supplement have any negative side effects?

The most well-liked dietary supplement in the fitness and bodybuilding industries is without a doubt creatine. When they wish to make significant muscle growth, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts embrace it.

Its use can significantly speed up the rate at which you can gain lean muscle mass and attain a level of fitness that only a select few people reach, whether you're bulking or cutting.

Consequently, while being a fantastic supplement, it has a few adverse effects, which we shall discuss in this post.

You will discover that when it comes to supplementing with creatine, the risks are most definitely worth the benefits after evaluating the total effectiveness of creatine and weighing the pros and drawbacks.

The three most frequent negative effects of using creatine supplements

The adverse effects of using creatine supplements are similar to those of taking any other body composition supplement. Because they are frequently transient and not truly "life-altering," these side-effects are simple to ignore.

1. Stomach discomfort and gas

Similar to many other supplements, the stomach will typically be the first to rebel as the body adjusts to the new conditions of "normality" After taking the pill, gas is nearly a guarantee but should go away quickly.

Although stomach pain is less often, it can occasionally occur when the amount of gas is so high and intense that it does. Again, like the gas, this is merely transitory.

2. Having nausea

This is seen as a typical side-effect, albeit one that occurs far less frequently than the inevitable occurrence of gas. After taking creatine supplements for the first few times, some people experience nausea.

Try combining your creatine dosage with a protein shake to prevent this. In many circumstances, ingesting anything on an empty stomach is known to make some people who are more sensitive feel queasy.

3. diarrhea

Even less typical than nausea is diarrhea as a side effect. As we already indicated, the body is just now becoming accustomed to the consumption of a healthy dose of a novel substance.

Its response will include a portion of a self-cleansing procedure. The process may result in loose stools, but they shouldn't persist for more than a few days.

Creatine has two VERY unusual side effects.

Yes, the next two side effects will be indicated as being the more serious ones. Even though the vast majority of users do not encounter any of these, everyone should be aware of them in case they happen to be among the unfortunate individuals who do.

1. Significant weight increase

Many people who started using creatine supplements with the intention of merely gaining muscular tissue may be surprised to learn this. But in reality, creatine can cause your muscles to retain water, which is beneficial when you're bulking, so maybe it's not all that bad.

Unfortunately, this extra water weight is extremely difficult to lose for a very tiny percentage of people. People who have thyroid gland problems should exercise special caution.

2. An abnormal heartbeat

Cardiovascular regulatory issues have been connected to creatine supplementation. Although there aren't many thorough research and the connection is still merely hypothesized, you should be aware of it anyway.

Before beginning a supplement regimen, you should speak with your doctor if you've previously had serious heart issues.