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How to Give Your Laggard Triceps Priority


How to Give Your Laggard Triceps Priority

More than 60% of your upper arm is made up of your triceps. Your physique's width is mostly determined by how well-developed your triceps are. But many bodybuilders experience lagging triceps, which can be caused by either not hitting them hard enough or overtraining them all the time. By the time you concentrate on isolating your triceps, they have already been damaged since they receive a battering as supporting muscles in all of your chest and shoulder movements.

The lagging triceps tips of Dorian Yates

Take a closer look at your program to see if your triceps exercises are last on the list, advises bodybuilding icon Dorian Yates, if you notice that your triceps are reluctance to grow. Because if they are, no significant advantages can be anticipated.

Every muscle group needs a strong enough stimulation to propel them into a new stage of growth and out of their current state. Try to concentrate more on your triceps if they are underperforming. Make them the focal point of your workout for a while, and make sure to hammer them as hard as you can before moving on to larger muscle groups.

Or, for maximum benefit, workout them on the same day as your legs, biceps, and back. Making your triceps the focal point of your workout is necessary if you want to give your triceps top priority. Train your triceps separately from your other pushing exercises rather than following your chest and shoulders. On the same day as your legs or back workout, do your triceps. In this manner, when you strike your lagging triceps, they will be fresh.

Dips or close-grip bench press and pushdowns are good places to start your triceps workout. Do three sets of each exercise, using the first set as a warm-up session with 12–15 reps and the next two sets as your maximum rep range.

Avoid sacrificing proper form for bigger weight; doing so is never a good idea and could at the very least result in significant injury.

When performing pushdowns, regulate the motion and keep your elbows stiff at all times. Also, avoid letting your elbows flare out. Finally, only halt the motion after your hands have reached your chest's halfway.

We guarantee that you'll start noticing some incredible changes once you start prioritizing triceps growth and after you start pushing every second set to failure. Remember, you must push a set until you can no longer go any further in order to truly exhaust the muscles.

To prevent overtraining, just work your lagging triceps once or twice per week, and on days other than those you work your chest and shoulders. So, increase the intensity while lowering the overall volume, and you will start to see some results.