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12 Exercises to train strength without machines


12 Exercises to train strength without machines

This is the selection of 7 exercises that Javi Pantoja recommends to improve muscle mass and 5 more that you can also put into practice:

1.Push-ups (and all its variants).

Whether you do triceps push-ups or ones more focused on other objectives, you will always work, to a greater or lesser extent, pectorals, triceps, dorsal and core.

Without a doubt, it is one of those express exercises with super results. How to do it.

Place your hands at shoulder width, rest on your knees or straighten your legs and go up and down, bringing your chest close to the floor and keeping your elbows close to your ribs.

2.Biceps curl with weights.

Perfect for strengthening and conditioning the arms. How to do it. Grab two dumbbells with arms outstretched and palms up.

Keeping your back straight, bend your knees slightly, engage your core, and slowly bring the weights up toward your shoulders through the entire range of motion. psst .

If you are especially concerned about this area of ​​your body, take note of these 3 magical exercises to tone flaccid arms and gain strength .

3.Bodyweight Triceps Extensions.

This exercise is ideal for toning the inner face of the arms. How to do it. Stand with your back to a bench and rest your hands at shoulder width with your arms stretched out.Bend or straighten your legs and raise and lower keeping your back straight and elbows locked.

4.Strides (and their variants).

 In this exercise you can take a step forward or backward until both knees are at 90º. How to do it.

Back legs should have their knees, hips, and shoulders lined up, while front legs should have their hips at a 90-degree angle. You can do them with weights to increase the intensity. It is ideal for removing cartridge cases .


If you combine it with stride and weight, it tones the legs, strengthens the arms and helps to gain muscle in the extremities. How to do it. Place your legs hip-width apart with the toes slightly out.

Grab some weights and, as you lower your weight toward your heels, stretch your arms forward or up. psst.

You can't imagine all that this exercise can do for you! Transform your body -literally-, since we are talking about one of the best exercises to avoid and combat cellulite .

6.Bulgarian squat.

It is done with the back foot elevated and supported on some stable support. How to do it.

You can place your hands on your hips and flex your front leg until your knee is in line with your ankle and hip. You can take a dumbbell in each hand to increase the intensity.

7. Bodyweight Leg Extensions.

They work the quadriceps, the most powerful and bulky muscle in the leg, the one that supports the weight of the body and allows walking. How to do it.

Get into the dip position with your feet flat on a chair or elevated surface. Keeping your back straight and your core active, bend your legs and stretch again. Ideal for toning the legs .

psst . As Pantoja says, you can do 3 rounds of all these exercises. In the first, do 15 repetitions per exercise, in the second, 12, and in the third, 10. "Doing this training 2 times a week, in 28 days we would have short-term changes ," says this trainer.

exercise to gain muscle without machine, gluteus kick

For adults, in case you have taken a liking to this training thing, we propose 5 more exercises that will help you:

8.Glute kick .

Work legs and buttocks thanks to this exercise for which you will not need any type of equipment. How to do it.

Get on your knees on the floor and now rest your palms on it as well, parallel to your shoulders and with your arms straight.

Take one of your legs back keeping the knee bent at a 90º angle and now raise it as if you were kicking into the air with the sole of your foot.


 If, in addition to losing fat, you want to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility, as well as gain strength in your core muscles, this is your exercise. How to do it. On the floor, lying on your stomach, support your forearms keeping one parallel to the other.

As for the legs, hold only on the balls of the feet. Raise the body in a completely straight line, slightly tilting the head to continue the same path.

Try to hold in this position for about 20 seconds. One of the best exercises to refine the waist and harden the gut .


Another exercise that you can perform using exclusively your body weight. Get a mat to be more comfortable and get ready to strengthen the abdomen, eliminate fat and reduce the waist. How to do it.

Lie down with your legs bent. Place your hands behind your neck without exerting any kind of force on it. Raise the trunk as firm as you can, noting that the force comes from your abdomen and, after achieving it, return to the starting position.

If at first it is difficult for you to help yourself with your arms to push yourself, but always taking care of your back and neck.


A good way to combine aerobic exercise and muscle building, in addition to toning the legs, increasing strength and flexibility. How to do it.

If you have a step , go up and down at a good pace. In the event that this is not the case, a step from a ladder or a bench will do.

12.'Hip Thrust' .

It is the fashionable exercise to shape, volume and tone your buttocks consisting of raising the hips. How to do it.

Place yourself on the ground with your legs bent and the shoulder area resting on a bench or a step. Now bring the hips up using only the posterior chain of the leg. If you want to increase the intensity, place weight -like dumbbells, for example- on the pelvis.

Now you have all the keys to gain muscle mass, so that it helps you prevent injuries, improve your quality of life, you can speed up your metabolism and keep body fat at bay from now on.