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The recipe for Arnold Schwarzenegger's top-secret protein drink is made public


The recipe for Arnold Schwarzenegger's top-secret protein drink is made public

Every person on the planet is undoubtedly familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bodybuilder-turned-action-actor-turned-ex-governor rose to fame thanks to his parts in "Conan the Barbarian" and "The Terminator." In popular culture, Schwarzenegger is seen as an invincible action figure who always wins.

He's in his seventh decade of life right now. Even though he doesn't feature in movies as frequently these days, Arnold still has a big influence on the business. Arnold was the most successful bodybuilder in the world before he turned to acting. He was named Mr. Seven times Olympia champion, he is still recognized as one of the greatest bodybuilders to have ever competed.

The judges were awed by Schwarzenegger's size, proportions, and power. Everyone who trained with him appreciated him for being a strict and tenacious coach.

Drinking a protein shake, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite being in his seventh decade of life, Arnold maintains a healthy lifestyle and engages in physical activity. He continues to eat wholesome food and regularly drinks a protein shake to add more nutrients to his diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger's protein smoothie, however, has a special ingredient that makes it different from other protein shakes.

Additionally, he says he uses this component all the time. The ingredients of his protein shake are listed in the video below.

- Vanilla-flavored whey protein powder - Bananas - Cherry vinegar juice

- Schnapps, a 20% alcohol beverage that, in the actor's opinion, complements the combination well because it widens blood vessels, which makes it easier for the protein to enter the muscles.