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Six Easy Exercises to Increase Chest Size

Six Easy Exercises to Increase Chest Size


Many bodybuilders will try anything in their quest to develop massive, full, and maximally striated chests, but they quickly become disoriented and perplexed in the maze of fanciful, excessively complex chest exercises that purport to provide better results than the time-tested routines employed by the bodybuilding legends of the Golden Age.

Even if there are many efficient exercises for developing the chest, there are a few key exercises that should never be overlooked because they have contributed to the development of some of the most amazing bodies in the history of this game. So, if your pecs aren't growing as much as they could, returning to the fundamentals will help you maximize their potential.

These six workouts are considered the best for developing a thick, full, and round chest.

Six Workouts to Expand Your Chest

1. The press-up bench

The press-up bench

Bench press opponents may suggest that lifters abandon this time-tested exercise, yet some of the finest chests in history have used it as the mainstay of their chest training regimen, so it can't be all that awful.

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Bench pressing cannot help you develop an eye-catching chest, but even so, this exercise's high degree of effectiveness has been repeatedly demonstrated, so it should always be a part of your chest training program.

#2. Bench press with a reverse grip

Bench press with a reverse grip

Even though they're fantastic, routine bench presses are known to cause joint pain. To get over this issue, switch up your bench presses by doing reverse-grip variations or using the reverse-grip version for your warm-up sets.

This modification will strengthen your pressing muscles and help your joints heal, but it will take some getting used to the slightly awkward position before you can fully utilize the exercise.

An excellent tip for hand placement is to keep your hands slightly inclined rather than turned until they are in line with the bar; picture this as grasping the lower half of a steering wheel with both hands.

#3. Pullover with cross-bench dumbbells

Pullover with cross-bench dumbbells

About growing chest size, this exercise is almost indispensable, which is why it was a mainstay during the Arnold period of bodybuilding. It works for every muscle group in the most efficient method, from your abs, lats, and triceps to the bottom of your pecs.

Legends of the bodybuilding world like Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, and Frank Zane have all emphasized the importance of this exercise throughout the years, but sadly, modern chest training regimens often overlook it—possibly because it has a bad reputation for killing shoulders.

However, cross-bench pullovers are very safe and will bring you a lot of obvious gains in strength and chest size if you execute them correctly and concentrate on attaining a suitable stretch.

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Keep them light during the 12–20 rep range and execute the complete exercise slowly and deliberately, using your whole range of motion, for optimal results.

#4. The weighted dip

The weighted dip

Dips, sometimes referred to as "the upper body squats," are among the best workouts for developing the chest and upper body, according to numerous trainers and seasoned bodybuilders.

Because they're so difficult and let you use an infinite amount of weight, you can continuously add pounds to your dip strength and overload your muscles for better growth. They're thought to be superior to push-ups in terms of bulking up and strengthening your upper body.

Keep your elbows stretched out and complete them with a small forward lean to optimize the chest strain.

#5. Fly dumbbells

Fly dumbbells

The dumbbell fly appears unimpressive at first, but it's a fairly effective workout with lots of advantages. Dumbbell flies are a great way to build true, functional chest strength because they include the same movement—drawing your arms across your chest—that your pecs are supposed to do. It also works the biceps and rhomboids, which are stabilizing muscles.

Moreover, the dumbbell fly is among the finest exercises for increasing chest width, and a fully grown chest is characterized by high levels of both thickness and width. The bench press is also quite efficient for creating enormous chest thickness.

For optimal results, do this exercise on a flat bench to activate the pecs, fronts, and tops of the shoulders more. Additionally, avoid extending or pressing the dumbbells and maintain a stable elbow angle.

#6: contraction with isometry

contraction with isometry

Training with isometrics entails tensing your muscles without adjusting their length. The ability of isometric tension to assist the body in activating nearly all of its motor units—something that would otherwise be very impossible—is one of its most important advantages.

Thus far, numerous studies have shown that all the major growth hormones remain in the muscle tissue for longer, leading to increased growth, because prolonged muscle tension reduces blood flow. Also, targeted isometrics are an excellent and rapid solution if you're having trouble with a sticking point at a specific joint angle during a particular lift. Even better, the strength you build at one aspect of a joint will probably transfer to all the others.

When it comes to strengthening your chest, isometric contractions help you better control and define your pecs. Nevertheless, it's generally accepted that increasing the number of contractions enhances strength, and maintaining them longer contributes to building muscular growth. Either way, you choose, just be sure to squeeze those pecs as hard as you can from every aspect.