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Best Exercises for a Full Back and Biceps Workout

Best Exercises for a Full Back and Biceps Workout

This awesome exercise will shape your back and develop your biceps. This article will walk you through one of many excellent back and biceps exercises. This muscle-building workout has four sets of each exercise and remains within the “hypertrophy approved” rep range of 8-12 reps. This is a fantastic exercise to include once a week in your preparation. Complete it for six weeks before shaking it up to see real muscle building gains.

It's all here, complete with photos and explanations!

Pull-Ups 1

For a cause, we're starting your workout with these back builders. Start by doing as many pull-ups as you can without assistance.

Pull yourself up with your hands shoulder width apart or a broad grip.

Squeeze your lats with your elbows at the tip.

Grab a resistance band for extra help when you start to feel drained and can't force out even one more rep.

Keep on until you've exhausted all of your options.

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2. Pull-down of the lats

This multi-joint lat pull-down exercise works a number of upper-body muscles. You can spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, but if a wider grip makes you uncomfortable, go for a narrower grip. Muscle activation is unaffected by a strong or narrow grip. However, make sure you're using an overhand (rather than an underhand) grip.

Lean back slightly during the concentric portion of the cycle.

To obtain a complete range of motion, concentrate on getting the bar to your chest.

3. Barbell Row with a Bent Over Stance

When you lean over, concentrate on keeping your core secure.

With each rep, pull the barbell into your belly button.

Maintain a straight back by releasing slightly past your knees.

4. Dumbbell Row with a Bent Over Position

On a bent-over dumbbell chain, the secret to proper engagement is to hold your core tight while you hinge forward. To get the most out of the movement, do the following:

Dumbbells should be pulled down to your belly.

At the height of your contraction, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

5. T-Bar Row with One Arm

T-bar rows work the lats, traps, shoulder, and pulling muscles, as well as the biceps:

Working one arm at a time will allow each side to become stronger on its own.

If you want to train both arms at the same time, do this exercise with a tight grip handle.

6. Biceps Curl with a Barbell

Use a drop set technique to strike your biceps hard for this exercise:

Begin by performing 8-10 reps with the heaviest weight you can manage.

Fall down to the next lighter weight for 8-10 more reps right away.

Keep going in this direction.

Allowing weight to get in the way of proper shape is not a good idea. Focus on holding your elbows in and pressing to separate your biceps as much as possible while doing these.

7. Cable Rope Curl

For the most intense contraction:

Concentrate on pressing at the top and stretching your wrists so that your thumbs face forward.

Remember to keep your elbows in and your upper arms stationary during the movement.

Curl of Concentration No. 8

They may be a minor movement:

Concentration curls isolate the biceps better when they are conducted with your upper arm pushed against your thigh.

Swinging stops the biceps from being activated as well as any other arm workout.

Each arm should be worked separately.