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Two of the most effective biceps workouts for overall growth

Two of the most effective biceps workouts for overall growth

There are only two workouts you need to do if you want to get every last inch of development out of your biceps or if they need a little boost:

1. Chin-ups (underhand) with palms facing you

2. Pull-ups with a tight grip (over hand) palms turned aside

Both of these workouts are bodyweight, allowing you to lift the highest weight while isolating your biceps and are far more difficult than a dumbbell curl.

Close grip chin ups will increase the biceps' overall thickness and size.

Close grip pull-ups will increase the peak and height of your biceps. They accomplish this by activating the brachialis muscle, which sits beneath your biceps and aids in pushing up your biceps and forming that high peak. They'll also work on your forearms, which will help to balance the appearance of your entire arm.

The best way to build huge biceps is to do this workout.

Work your biceps twice a week for best results, with at least 48 hours between sessions. Perform workout A on Monday and workout B on Thursday, for example.

Exercise A:

* Each exercise should be done three times for a total of 10 reps.

* Between sets and exercises, take as little time as possible to rest.

* As much as feasible, combine the two workouts.

* Work your way up to not taking any breaks at all.

* Increase the weight when you can complete all six sets without stopping.

B Workout:

* 3 sets of 4-6 weighted reps for each exercise

* Alternate between the exercises, taking a one-minute break in between.

* Between sets, take a one-minute break.

* When you reach 6 reps for all sets, increase the weight.

Your biceps will grow a lot faster as a result of this. Include this in your current training routine. Get rid of any other bicep solo exercises you're doing. Continue to do any compound exercises that aren't specifically aimed at the biceps, such as pull-ups, rows, and deadlifts.