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3 Weighted Circuit Exercises to Get You Fit Quicker


3 Weighted Circuit Exercises to Get You Fit Quicker

Staying true to the fundamentals is always a good idea when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. One of the many methods that has been shown to be quite beneficial for breaking through plateaus, increasing cardiovascular capacity, and making workout sessions more enjoyable is circuit training. In this post, we'll provide you a few exercises you can do to keep building muscle.

Regarding circuit training, there are a few issues that need to be resolved. The circuits aren't simply for newbies, to start.

This style of training may have helped many lifters start their careers, but it doesn't mean that relationship should end there. Second, by adhering to fundamental circuit training concepts, one can continue to see improvements in their body composition.

Finally, this kind of training is not limited to activities performed on machines. With free weights, you can apply the same "minimal-rest, successive movement" strategy. Actually, doing that might be the distraction from boredom you've been looking for lately.

the advantages of circuit training

The best way to train for performance is to execute workouts back-to-back without stopping, which can cause amazing changes in your body's composition.

Your metabolism and general anabolic profile will be improved by performing mostly compound exercises, in addition to helping you use more oxygen and burn more calories as a result of the lack of rest.

It offers the best of both worlds, to put it simply. Try out this straightforward yet powerful circuit program to get the advantages.

Lifters of any ability, whether beginner, moderate, or experienced, can benefit from performing circuit training with machine exercises. The machines will assist you in establishing the mind-muscle connection required to advance with workouts requiring free weights as soon as you begin this sort of training.

Additionally, since the majority of your initial gains are neurological rather than physiological, it is advisable to advance quickly in the relatively safe environment of circuit row, progressively adding weight and losing weight much faster than you may a few years from now.

If you're a skilled lifter, though, you can always put the knowledge you've acquired into circuit training, and you can do it pretty much indefinitely.

Never believe that you are too intelligent to use technology. Keep in mind the many benefits of utilizing them, such as the ability to lift as much weight as you want without the need for a training partner, the ability to train for different objectives, such as strength, size, and fat loss, and the fact that your workout sessions will be much shorter.

Not to add, it provides a welcome diversion from the monotony brought on by a predictable or boring routine.

1. The basic circuit

Circuit training is particularly useful for newcomers and those looking to resume exercise after a lengthy absence. By using machines, the lifter may perform the exercises within a predetermined range of motion, and the order in which they are performed promotes the fastest possible recovery of the muscles.

Each exercise is performed 15 times, which helps beginners improve muscle endurance and develops muscle memory with some fundamental movement patterns.

Aim for loads that will cause you to fail after about 15 reps, at which point you must fight to complete the last rep. If you complete 16 repetitions, your chosen weight is too light.


* Hack Squat Machine: 15 Reps

* Bench Press on Smith Machine: 15 Reps

* Machine Rows: 15 Reps

* 15 reps on the Smith Machine overhead press

* Machine Curls: 15 Reps

* 15 repetitions of machine tricep extensions

* 15 reps of machine crunches

Do it two or three more times, with no more than a minute of rest in between each entire circuit. Add just enough weight to attain failure at the same rep range and/or add one or two bodyweight movements to the end of this circuit when you reach a place where you can do all three circuits without difficulty. Squats and pushups done with your own body weight are the most efficient.

2. Circuit for bodybuilding

It's not always "light" training just because it's machine training. Machines frequently let you train harder and safer without the need for a spotter, which eventually results in bigger improvements in strength and size.

Despite the fact that the free-weight back squat burns more calories due to the greater involvement of stabilizer muscles, a research on trained lifters found that they could lift about 4% more weight using the Smith machine squat version.

This means that for the best results, you should lift big weights for a short time. You just need to pick the right weights.


* 5-7 reps of the leg press

* Smith Bench Press on a Machine: 5-7 Reps

* Rows on a machine: 5-7 Reps

* Smith 5-7 reps on the overhead press machine

* Preacher Curl on the Machine: 5-7 Reps

* 5-7 reps of machine triceps extension

* Crunch on a Machine: 12 Reps

Repeat this circuit three times, taking no more than 60 to 90 seconds of rest in between each exercise. Between each circuit, you can take up to 3 minutes to rest.

In your first round, try to select a weight that will enable you to finish at least 7 reps. As the workout goes, fatigue will start to set in and reduce your rep count.

You can make the exercises harder by keeping the rest periods between each exercise and between each round shorter than a minute.

3. The physical definition loop

A recent study that demonstrated that subjects who performed high-rep sets (about 30 repetitions) to failure saw gains in muscle mass comparable to group that trained with heavy weights using 6–8 reps blurred the boundary between training with heavy and light weights.

A higher calorie burn during one workout as a result of the higher training volume keeps you trim and athletic in the long run.


* 30 Leg Press Reps

* Bench Press on Smith Machine: 30 Reps

* Rowing Machine: 30 Reps

* 30 reps of the Smith Machine Overhead Press

* 30 reps of the machine preacher curl

* 30 repetitions of machine tricep extension

* Using a Machine: 30 Reps

For these high-rep loads, you should force yourself to go as heavy as you can. Simply pause for the number of seconds equal to the number of reps left after reaching failure before completing 30 repetitions.

To maximize calorie burning, strive to complete 3-4 rounds of the circuit, resting for 1-2 minutes in between rounds, and repeat as many times as necessary to get 30 reps, adjusting the load down for the following circuit round to get the full 30 reps.