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The Biggest Biceps Are Guaranteed With These 4 Exercises

The Biggest Biceps Are Guaranteed With These 4 Exercises

Every gym goer's top goal is to develop larger biceps, but getting them in the right shape is not an easy feat. There are many workouts you can do to make your shirt sleeves stand out.

However, if all you're after is a biceps, you're at the right place. For novices in particular, all you need to do is strictly adhere to the instructions for each workout to begin seeing your desired results right away.

The best biceps exercises are listed here.


Biceps Curl

Preacher Curl EZ Bar

Curls of Concentration


One of the best exercises for building monster biceps on a bar is the chin-up. It's a full-body exercise that will help you develop some significant muscle growth.

As you lift your body off the ground with the power in your arms, you must keep your hands close together. Perform 3–4 sets of 6–8 reps per set slowly and carefully. This workout gives you total upper body strength, which is an advantage.

Advantages Chin-Ups:

complete pulling power in the upper body.

No equipment is required.

bodyweight exercises

Biceps Curl

Exercises like barbell curls give the overall muscle strength and are strongly related to biceps size. Although it's a straightforward exercise, some tools are needed. All you need is a barbell curl with an underhand grip, and choose a weight that works for you. Usually, three sets of 20 reps are performed with lighter weights.

Benefits of Barbell Curl

It is easy to use but efficient.

directly related to the size of your arms.

give your upper body strength.

Preacher Curl EZ Bar

For this workout, a bench and a specific bar are required. Sit on the bench and adjust the height until your armpits are level. Grab the EZ bar handle and hold the barbell with your underhand grip. Next, curl the bar upward and perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions to help work the various biceps muscles.

Benefits of EZ Bar Preacher Curl

stimulate the biceps.

gives the movement some control.

Curls of Concentration

As the name suggests, Concentration Curls are performed one arm at a time to focus on the one muscle being addressed. Your elbow should rest on your knee as you perform this while seated. Keep in mind that the dumbbell is slowly dropped while the elbow is extended, and then it is slowly raised again.

This workout focuses on getting outcomes. This is often done at the conclusion of a simple biceps workout.

Benefits of Concentration Curls

builds the power and strength of the muscles.

enhances the look and performance of the physique.

the conclusion

The aforementioned exercises are the finest for developing your biceps, but you won't get benefits unless you perform them with the correct angle. You must learn the proper technique from your physical trainer as well as these workouts.

The second crucial factor is that you must also adhere to a rich diet plan that includes carbohydrates, protein, and healthy oils to support your exercise.