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Reg Park's 5×5 Workout is an example of classic bodybuilding

Reg Park's 5×5 Workout is an example of classic bodybuilding


Reg Park was one of the most huge, yet symmetrical, old-school bodybuilders and is one of the most significant characters in bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders, including young Arnold Schwarzenegger, looked up to Reg Park as an inspiration.

Reg Park is the best illustration and sole exemplar of what effective weight training can achieve for a guy, according to Bradley Steiner. He was a natural bodybuilder who had mass, definition, and symmetry in the pre-steroids era. Reg was outstanding and extraordinary by today's standards at 6'1" and 250 pounds.

The traditional exercise program can be very effective.

Reg's physique was developed through full-body workouts performed three times per week and powerful compound movements (using the 55 workout program). He was also a tremendously powerful man who could squat up to 600 pounds, perform 300-pound behind-the-neck presses, and perform 500-pound bench presses.

Many of you may immediately respond that full-body exercises are only appropriate for beginners. But who can contest Reg Park's results or those of other traditional bodybuilders who trained in the same manner? (Arnold was also doing Reg Park's full body routine the first couple of years of bodybuilding).

Getting a six pack the old-school way

Old School 5 x 5 Workout by Reg Park

Three days of weightlifting made up Reg Park's 55 old school exercise, and he alternated between the two lifting days (A and B) seen here.

Exercise A

- 5x5 back squats (2 warm-up and 3 work sets)

- Five pull-ups or chin-ups.

- Dips or a 5x5 bench press

- 2 x 10 wrist work

Calves, 215–20

Exercise B

- Five Front Squats

– Rows 5×5

- 5x5 Standing Press

- 35 Deadlifts (2 warm-up and 1 work set)

- 2 x 10 wrist work

Calves, 215–20

His first two sets were typically warm-up exercises performed at 60% and 80% of his daily maximum. The weight would go up by 5 pounds the following workout if he completed all 5 sets of 5 reps.