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3 Abs Exercises for a Visible Six-Pack That Are Better Than Sit-Ups (No Equipment Needed)


3 Abs Exercises for a Visible Six-Pack That Are Better Than Sit-Ups (No Equipment Needed)

Are you trying to strengthen your core and maybe get a six-pack? Although sit-ups can be beneficial, there are other options. These are 3 abdominal workouts for a shredded-looking stomach that are superior to sit-ups.

Health and physical fitness are associated with having a strong core. Everyone wants a six-pack they can show off. Although the key is to have a low body fat percentage, which is mostly achieved by food, you should add exercise to your abs to hasten the appearance of a six-pack.

Alex Lorenz, a sports coach, and YouTube fitness guru recommend three abs exercises that are superior to sit-ups in the video below. He is a co-founder of the Calisthenic Movement and has been practicing the discipline since 2012. He often posts videos for anyone who is interested in bodyweight exercises to get in shape.

Better Abs Workouts Than Sit-Ups

According to Lorenz, sit-ups are ineffective since they mainly target the rectus abdominis, are low in intensity and may harm your spine. What makes the abdominal exercises Lorenz mentions superior to sit-ups?

1. Knee Lifting

Knee Lifting

Although both legs rises and knee raises are excellent for your abs, this article chose the knee raise since it targets your core without interfering with your mobility or lack thereof.

You can perform the knee lift while hanging or while supporting yourself. Make sure you don't use any momentum when performing the exercise because doing so releases the tightness in your abdomen.

2. Side plank plus knee-to-elbow plank

Side plank plus knee-to-elbow plank

This combination of two workouts is on this list of abs exercises better than sit-ups because it will give you the most bang for your buck.

To make the first portion of the exercise more effective, always maintain a posterior pelvic tilt. For the best core activation, try to assume a hollow body position.

Keep your body as horizontal as you can while doing the plank; instead of merely hanging in place, drive your arm, leg, and shoulder blade into the ground.

You can perform the side plank with one or two legs on the ground, but it's tougher to maintain balance on one leg.

3. Plank


If you find that a standard plank is too simple for you, you can increase the challenge by extending the lever between your elbows and your feet, the two points that support you. The difficulty of the workout increases as you move your body backward further.

But, if you can't maintain the position with your pelvis tilted forward, the greater the distance will place more stress on your spine, which is negative.

In order to add instability and increase the tension on your abs, you can perform this exercise while lifting one foot off the ground, one hand off the ground, or both.

And those are the three exercises for the abs that are more effective than sit-ups, so add them to your workouts whenever you can. Click on the video below to watch an example of each exercise being done correctly along with further advice from Lorenz.