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Best Chest Workout: Follow The 9 Chest Exercises


Best Chest Workout: Follow The 9 Chest Exercises

So every Monday, you religiously go to the gym to exercise your chest, right? You're hitting the flat bench, hitting the pec deck, and you're smashing a couple of sets out of the cable cross machine.

So why does your chest not grow?

Chest development could be sluggish due to genetics, poor quality contractions, or you just aren't doing enough, when eventually overloading with weight or reps. Below are 9 distinct variations of chest exercise that you can try if you want to build a shredded chest.

A query before we get started. High volume or elevated intensity?

You may not pick one or the other in the case of building your chest. A growth and testosterone response will be elicited by using both high-volume and high-intensity exercise in your chest workout.

9 Best Exercises on the Chest

#1 Chest Dips Weighted

Weighted chest dips really put some great stress on the pecs when performed properly, and they even grow big arms at the same time

Can't weight dips do that?

Find a machine for hammer power or an assisted dip machine and work harder on your way. The aim is to retain the proper shape, to maximize strength.

#2-Press Barbell Bench (Flat and Incline)


The Barbell bench allows heavyweights to be lifted. It can be easily taught and you can incorporate variations in it to challenge the body as a result. Benches are fixed at steep angles to create a tilting barbell bench press. By changing the angle, you can also do low incline bench pressing. Start by heading to the slopes with a flat bench press.

#3 –  Dumbbell Bench Press (Flat and Incline)


In forming the chest, biceps, and triceps, it greatly helps. You have to try to achieve the right pose. It is excellent for mass construction. You just need to make sure the muscles are fully extended.

#4- Barbell Bench Press Low-Incline


It is the strongest chest exercise directed at the upper body and its muscles. The Low Incline Bench Press helps to target the upper chest section. It's much safer and friendlier to the joint. You need to lie down on a tilting bench to do this exercise. Grab and keep a barbell over your chest. Shift your arms backward, then get into the initial position again. Using the necessary number of repetitions.

Seated Machine Chest Press #5


Basically, the seated machine chest press is for beginners who want to improve power and concentrate on strength. The computer must be set up correctly. Since the devices differ considerably, you need to get the assistance of a teacher. Sit down on the seat and choose a suitable weight. Keep the handle and release the weight-bearing pedal with your shoulder. When exhaling, inhale and press forward.

#6-Press Incline Dumbbell


By using many angles on the bench, you can do this exercise. Grab the dumbbells to do this exercise and sit down on the bench. You will face each other with the palm of your hand. Lift the dumbbell and keep it at shoulder width using your thigh. With the support of your chest, rotate your wrist and then raise your hand up. Lock and keep your arm for a second and then lower the weight.Repeat the movement until the repetitions you have to do are finished.

#7-Fly Incline Bench Cable


They are a perfect final step to wrap up all the exercises you've completed. At the proper angle, they reach the upper chest. Roll a bench in between the cable stand to do the exercise and do it in a lying position. In building up your chest, a proper step would help you.

# 8-Fly Kettlebell


The kettlebell is a powerful machine and can be used to achieve power in many ways. Dumbbells normally do this, but it may prove to be more effective to do it with kettlebells. This works on the abs, triceps, and shoulders of the body. Here's how the kettlebell is meant to move.

#9- Push-Up Weighted


Any weight, when applied to the body when doing pushups, is bound to bring more effort into the muscles. The more effort they put in, the more they get worked up, which helps them grow. By wearing a weighted jacket or adding a weighted bag on your back, you must begin in a regular push up position and add resistance. As you would do a regular pushup, begin the repetition.

Things to remember before doing the right chest training:

  • The upper, middle and lower portions of the chest are divided into three parts.
  • Different bench press combinations can assist in the development of the upper chest.
  • From workouts performed on the flat bench, the middle chest develops.
  • The decline of the bench press stimulates lower chest development.
  • To build a solid heart, go for heavyweights.
  • Do the workouts in the right manner.
  • In between, take a brief break.
  • Eat right to grow properly.
  • Do