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Hit all three tricep heads with five exercises and fill your T-shirt sleeves


Hit all three tricep heads with five exercises and fill your T-shirt sleeves

People don't realize why 2/3 of the arm is taken up by the triceps and just 1/3 is taken up by the biceps. You need to fill out the back 2/3 of your arm on the way to getting those 22" arms and the whole thing will become much simpler.

The Dips

For all 3 tricep heads, weighted and non-weighted dips are perfect for hitting.

They are as old as time, but they manage to take the cake for the best mass tricep workouts.

There are many nuances in how to make dips, whether on benches or between bars.

A lot of people like to do it between two bars, so the wrists take the pressure off.

Moving a bit past 90-degrees utilizes the muscles of the tricep to their maximum capacity for optimum mass gainz.

Crushers Skull

For the triceps, this may be the best exercise because it allows free joint movement and reaches all three heads of the tricep, but with more emphasis on the medial head. I can also consider dumbbells for the maximum range of muscle movement instead of the barbell. When you lower the weights, try reaching out as far as you can behind your head to really touch the medial head and concentrate on the extension.

If you need to, make it harder with a tilting seat.

Overhead Extensions of Tricep

Moving on to the isolation exercises, the largest and strongest part of the triceps, that focus more on the long head. While all tricep exercises touch it, you can place more weight directly on the long head with overhead extensions. It also stimulates the lateral head since it is attached to the shoulders and lifting the arms up is all you have to do.As a downside, it really places a lot of pressure on the shoulders, but you can miss this exercise and move on to the next if you have issues with it.

Pushdowns Over

The number 1 most performed tricep exercise in the world is cable pushdowns.

While it is not number 1 on our list, it is still one of the best mass tricep workouts.

You may use chains, straight bars, curved bars, etc. Another one with many variants,

Another way to adjust it, such as broader or closer together, as well as hands above or below the counter, is often hand positioning.

Another fantastic variation to be performed is the one hand push-down.

All 3 tricep heads work with cable pushdowns.

Kichback Dumbbell

Now, let's give those weapons some detail and have a great finishing pump to boot. During this move, don't worry about being heavy; trying to do so might put undue stress on your shoulder joints. Instead, pick a weight at the start of each rep that you can easily handle as well as grip and pinch. Try the cable kickback for variety, too.