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Top Bicep Training Program to Ensure the Largest Biceps


Not all muscles react the same, and there are other variables involved, such as biology, diet, strength of exercise, and so on. There are, however, some basics for building large biceps and triceps that everyone needs to know.

The thing is that you can always spin your wheels with virtually the same amount of muscle mass years later when you expose your arm muscles to grueling high-rep drop-sets and all kinds of fancy movements, before you can't even lift a pen.

You're expected to find an arm workout in most every muscle journal, along with different explanations why the featured workout is more successful than any other. One reality I share with people is that no 'best' workout really exists.

  1. Barbell Curl, 3 sets of eight

For over a century now, for good reason, the barbell curl has been a bodybuilding staple: it's one of the best all-around biceps builders you can do.

1. E-Z Bar Biceps Curl-Three sets of eight

To give my wrists and elbows a break from the tension exerted on them by the barbell curl, I will turn from time to time to the E-Z Bar version.

  1. 3 sets of 8 Alternating Dumbbell Curl-

This is a time-proven movement that constructs larger biceps, including the barbell curl.

  1. Hammer Dumbbell Curl-three 8-set sets

The hammer curl is especially useful for the development of the brachialis biceps (the smaller muscle that helps give your biceps a visual boost).

2. Chin-Up, 3 20-set sets

A great "functional" movement that targets the biceps is the chin-up.

As you get heavier, you can add weight with a dip belt or weighted vest, which means you can begin to overload your muscles gradually.

    The Right Exercises for Triceps

  1. Close-Grip Press for Bench, 3 sets of 8

It would probably be the close-grip bench press, if I were to do only one triceps exercise.

3. 3 sets of 8 Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Push-

This is one of my favorite exercises for triceps because it helps you to press heavy weight firmly and overload the triceps.

4. Triceps Pushdown, 3 20-set sets

A motion similar to the overhead dumbbell press is used in the lying triceps press and it is great for developing the triceps.

Triceps Pushdown, 3 20-set sets

This is the triceps exercise that people do most frequently and, surprisingly, it's pretty good.

5. Dip-Three sets of 20

You can do two types of dips: the bench and the upright dive. Both are ideal for triceps training and also support the chest and shoulders.