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The 12 Best Mass Exercises by Bicep and Tricep

The 12 Best Mass Exercises by Bicep and Tricep


There is a certain obsession that individuals have with building bulging biceps, but many don't know how to achieve these results and face a plateau of muscle development.

You often see individuals curling away mindlessly for hours on end only to end up with little or no increases in muscle size.

We'll break down the different upper arm muscles in this article and provide you with the 6 best exercises to really pack on the bulk.

You first need to know the muscles you will be training and the roles they perform in order to create a set of show-stopping arms.

Two main muscle groups make up the upper arm:

   - The Biceps

The long head (outer) and the short head (inner) make up your biceps and make up 1/3 of the upper arms.

—The Triceps

As the name suggests, the triceps consists of three heads: the long head, the short head, and the medial head. It also makes up 2/3 of the upper arm, which could come as a surprise to those who assume that the biceps are operating on the key to larger arms.

You need to make sure you are targeting each head of each muscle with a particular set of exercises in order to prepare the arms for optimum development.Unfortunately, endless curls aren't the key.

In my view, the following 12 exercises are the best ones for targeting each head.

Curls Of Spider

Start this workout by placing the bar on the sitting portion of the preacher's bench. Make sure that it's balanced so that it won't fall off. Then walk to the front of the bench, where you normally place your arms and lay on your stomach against the front of the bench at 45 degrees. Your feet, and especially your toes,You have to be well balanced on the floor and your upper arms ought to be on the preacher's bench on top of the inside pad. Then, with your palms upwards, take the barbell or dumbbells while keeping a supine grip. You should have your arms around as wide as your shoulders or a little closer, but never wider.Raise and exhale, hold for a second and grip your biceps, after which, when breathing in, you can put down the bar or dumbbells. Do 4 spider curl sets, each of 12, 8, 6 and 15 reps, respectively.

Dumbbell Curls Incline

 Sit on an incline bench and have two dumbbells in your hands, at arm’s length. Your elbows need to be close to your body and your palms need to be facing forward. Remember, nothing above your elbow should move. You are curling the weights forward and contracting your biceps. Breathe out while you curl upwards and breathe in as you lower the weights back up. When you’ve raised the dumbbells to shoulder level, hold that position for a second and bring them back down. Do incline dumbbell curls for 2 sets of 8 reps each and a final set of 6 reps each.

Curls by Barbell 

Stand at shoulder width and with your back straight with a barbell in your side. You should have your palms facing forward and your elbows close to your body. Flex the biceps and raise the barbell while breathing out, shifting only the forearms.When your biceps are completely clenched and the bar is at your knees, raise into a curl, then hold the pose for a second and squeeze the biceps. Lower the bar and breathe in. For 2 sets of 8 reps each and a final set of 12 reps, do barbell curls.

Curls by Preacher 

Find a preacher bench and get an EZ curl bar. Keep the inner handle of the E-Z bar firmly. Have someone hand you the bar, if possible, or you can take it placed in a lot of preacher benches from the front bar rest. Your palms should be facing upward, and to conform to the bar's form, they should be tilted just a little bit inward. You need to put your upper arms on the preacher's bench pad,Your starting position should be your E-Z curl bar in your hands, at shoulder length. Breathe in and lower the bar until your biceps are completely stretched and your arms are fully straight.Through your biceps, exhale and curl the weight back up until they are completely contracted and the bar is set at shoulder height. Squeeze your biceps for a second and hold that spot. Do one dropset of preacher curls before muscle failure is reached.

Triceps Pushdown 

Get a chain, a straight bar or an angled one and tie a high pulley to your handle of choice. With your palms facing down, take it with an overhand grip. Your grip should be as broad as your elbows, and with a slight tilt forward, your back should be straight. At a 90 degree angle to the floor, your upper arms should be close to your torso,Pull the bar down with your triceps while exhaling until it reaches your thighs and your arms are fully extended, keeping a 90 degree angle to the floor. Your upper arms should remain completely immobile right next to your torso. Keep the place for a second as you carry the bar or rope back to its starting position, and breathe in.Do 4 sets of pushdowns with triceps-the first with 12 reps and three consecutive with 8 reps each.

Press of Seated Triceps

Sit on a bench that will allow your back to be supported on it. With your arms outstretched, take a dumbbell in both of your hands and raise it above your head. When they face inwards, the intensity should be in your hands. With your elbows inside, hold your arms close to your head, perpendicular to the floor.In a semi-circular movement, breathe in and lower the dumbbell behind your head until your forearms align with your biceps. Breathe out the dumbbell and lift it to its starting position. With the first pair having 10 reps and the last two having 8 reps each, do 3 sets of seated triceps presses.

Low Cable Triceps Extensions

Choose your weight and lie down with a rope on the bench of a seating row unit. Your head is meant to be on the machine's side, not away from it. With your palms facing each other in a neutral grip, take the ends of the rope and have your forearms perpendicular to your upper arms, which should be perpendicular to your torso itself.When they are fully vertical and straight, breathe out and stretch your lower arms. All the way through the exercise, your upper arms and elbows should be rigid, with just your forearms moving. Contract your triceps, breathe in and return to the starting point as you hit the peak of the movement. Do 2 sets, each with 12 reps, of low cable triceps extensions,As well as a final 15-rep package.

Dumbbell Triceps Extensions Lying  

Lie back on a flat bench and get your hands on the dumbbells. Your arms should be perpendicular to your body and completely extended. In and towards each other, the palms should be facing in and they should be tucked in. Without moving something below the elbow, inhale and lower the dumbbells until they are near the sides of your head,Therefore, only the forearms can move. Breathe out and step back to the starting spot with your triceps. Do 3 sets of lying dumbbell triceps extensions, each with 15 reps for the first two and 20 reps for the third one.

Palms Seated-Down Barbell Wrist Curl 

With both your hands and your palms facing downwards, take a barbell. Your hands should be placed at the width of the shoulder and your feet should be flat and a little wider on the floor. Step forward and put your forearms on your upper thighs, still retaining your grip downward. Keep close, inhale as quickly as possible and lower the bar.Then, when flexing your forearms, curl the weight up as far as possible, which should still be placed without moving on your thighs. Keep a second for the contraction and go back to the starting point. For 4 sets of 25 reps, do seated palms-down barbell wrist curls.

Behind the Back Wrist Twist, Standing Palms-Up Barbell

Although a mouthful might be the word, it's a reasonably simple exercise. Stand behind the glutes at arm length, with a straight back and a barbell. In this exercise, you will need to use a pronounced grip, which means that your palms should be facing away from your body, and at shoulder width, your hands should be different.Look straight ahead at shoulder width with your feet as well. With a little curl in your wrist and a semi-circular movement upward, exhale and raise the barbell. For a second, retain the contraction, then inhale and lower the barbell to its beginning position. For 3 sets of 15 reps each, do this exercise,And make sure to place the barbell down on the squat rack or floor while bending your knees when you're finished, because otherwise it will be very difficult to do it.

Barbell Curls Reverse 

Stand and keep a barbell at the width of your shoulder with a straight back with your elbows firmly packed in. For a pronounced grip, the palms should be facing down. Curl the weights while keeping your upper arms stationary and contract your biceps while you breathe out. The only part of your body that can move in this exercise is your forearms.Until your biceps are fully contracted and the bar is at shoulder height, keep doing the movement. For a second, keep the spot and grip your biceps. Breathe in and place the bar back down to its previous location slowly. For 15 reps each, do 3 sets of reverse barbell curls!

Curls with Hammer 

Stand at arm's length with a straight back and a dumbbell in each of your hands. You need to have your elbows close to your body, but not packed in. When contracting your biceps, keep your upper arm stationary, exhale and raise the weight in a curl and keep lifting it until it's fully contracted. The dumbbells should be at shoulder height at this stage.Keep for a second in this place and squeeze your biceps. Inhale and lower the dumbbells back to their starting place after one second. Do up to two sets of curls with the hammer, all the way to muscle failure!