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You hate to hate planks? This workout of 20 minutes Ab is great for you



Planks and crunches of hate? Good news: You don't have to do them necessarily. The most efficient way to strengthen your midsection and define your abs is through functional exercises that target your entire heart. The trick is flexibility, whether you're working for six-pack abs, or a stronger core and better balance. ...

Perform each of the five exercises that follow. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds before the whole series of exercises is repeated. For 20 minutes, proceed.

1. Windshield Wiper: Start with you knees bent, particularly if you have a previous back injury or back pain, by doing this exercise. As your core strength strengthens, work your way up to doing this with straight legs.

How To: How To:

* With your lower back pressed into the deck, lie on your back.

* At about a 45-degree angle, place both arms by your side.

* Lift your legs upward as far as possible while holding your legs straight.

* Then, slowly move your legs and feet to one side of your body while attempting to hold both of your shoulder blades on the ground.

* Rotate your legs and feet to the opposite side until you've rotated as far as you feel relaxed. Make sure you keep your core muscles engaged, and for the whole time, your arms pushed tightly into the ground. This is one rep.

5 reps complete.

2: Hollow Hold Leg Raise: To make it less difficult, this movement can also be done with bent knees, without weight, or with the head on the deck.

How To: How To:

* Sit in front of you with your chest raised high and both legs straight out. To establish stress and stability, press your palms or fingertips into the ground.

* First, raise your legs as high as possible without bending backward, holding the legs close and straight.

* Shift your legs to one side and, for a split second, touch both heels down.

* Pick your legs up on the other side and arch them over.This is one rep.

10 reps complete.

3. Crawl Hold Row: In this exercise, tighten your core and keep your back straight. If you can't do 8 reps without sagging your back, lower the weight or use no weight at all.

How To: How To:

* With your knees bent at about a 90-degree angle and raised a few inches off the ground, start in a crawl position on all fours.

* Next, with one hand, take a dumbbell or kettlebell and raise it off the ground by bringing your elbow up and near to your body's side.

* Drop the weight back to the ground steadily.

Until repeating it on the other, do all 8 reps on one hand.

Until repeating it on the other, do all 8 reps on one hand.

4. Banded Chop-Up: The core and hip muscles should be the root of all this action. There's very little work your shoulders and arms are doing.

How To: How To:

* Start by adding a low resistance band to a safe structure.

* Walk away from the object laterally, increasing the tension in the band.

* Start with your knees slightly bent and your feet about shoulder-width apart in a mini-squat.

First, keep your arms straight and rotate your hips and torso while diagonally chopping your arms up and around your body.

* Return to the starting point slowly.

* Until repeating on the other, do all 10 reps on one hand.

10 reps complete.

5. Tall Sitting Pike Hip Lift: Directly in front of you, you should position an object like a kettlebell or water bottle and raise both your legs over this object to give you a target.

How To: How To:

* With your lower back pushed into the deck, lie on your back.

* Press a kettlebell or dumbbell upward with your arms straight out in front of your face, raising your shoulders, neck and shoulder blades off the ground.

Push your legs up as high as possible by holding the legs straight.

* Contract your core muscles as hard as you can at the top and keep them for 5 seconds.

* Lower the legs back down to the starting point progressively.

8 reps complete.