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Shoulder Exercises with the Least Amount of Equipment


 Do you want to strengthen your shoulders with minimal equipment? Take a look at these two different overhead variants.

The Pike Push-Up is number one on the list.

Easily one of the best shoulder workouts for the money. It requires no equipment and may be done at any time and in any location.

Even expert lifters will find the pike push-up tough, so adapt the exercise by lowering the angle at your hips or lowering the range of motion. At the top of each rep, fully extend your arms and get your head through.

2. The Z-Press with Dumbbells

If you're only using moderate-weight dumbbells, this is without a doubt the most effective pressing option. You eliminate any arch during the press by pressing in a seated position with your legs straight in front of your body, forcing the shoulders to do the majority of the effort.

The single-arm Z-press, in which the non-working arm is left up, is a terrific variation.