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Are Vegetarians Able to Gain Muscle?

This has always been a common query, and now I'll give you some advice on how to gain muscle mass the veggie way!

Here are two outstanding examples of men who developed muscular biceps without consuming any beef:

Probably the most well-known vegetarian bodybuilder is Bill Pearl. In 1953 and 1971, he was a Mr. Universe contestant. (An interesting side note is that Sean Connery lost to Bill Pearl. That Sean Connery from 1953, indeed. Mr. Pearl, a lacto-ovo vegetarian who eats dairy and eggs, did not become a vegetarian until he was 39 years old.

Kevin Eubanks, the bandleader from Jay Leno's Tonight Show, is an additional intriguing illustration. Eubanks also eats salmon, eggs, and protein powder. Here are some recommendations to quicken your success if you're trying to gain muscle without eating meat:

What Food Can I Have?

Determine which category of vegetarian best fits you in the first place.

Can dairy be consumed? Eggs? Fish?

Fish is a fantastic food for gaining muscle. Fish contains good lipids that help build muscle, burn fat, and offer energy in addition to being high in lean protein. So, by all means, include seafood in your diet if you can.

After that, eggs

The ideal food for muscle growth in nature?

Vince Gironda, a former bodybuilder, held the opinion that eggs were the ideal diet for gaining muscle.

Vince claimed that compared to other protein-rich foods, eggs had a higher biological value. He thought that eating eggs would increase the body's production of hormones that assist develop muscle and maintain a healthy nitrogen balance.

Vince also held the opinion that for the best results, eggs should be eaten raw.

Increase Mass By Adding Dairy

Vegetarians frequently have trouble gaining muscle because they consume so little fat. One of the key hormones for growing muscle is testosterone, which is hindered by extremely low fat intake. You can increase your consumption of fat by include dairy in your diet. (Eggs contain a lot of fat.)

Strict vegetarians only

If you are unable to eat eggs, dairy products, or fish but still want to gain muscle, I would recommend the following.

#1) Spend money on a quality protein powder

In order to gain muscle, you actually need to maintain a high protein consumption. A excellent protein powder will go a long way because it is nearly impossible to obtain 200 or 300 grams of protein per day from fruits, veggies, and grains.

#2) Increase Calories by Including Healthy Fats

If you do not consume more calories than you expend, you cannot acquire weight. Additionally, a strict vegetarian diet makes it difficult to consume many calories. Consider include fish oil or extra virgin olive oil in your daily diet. 120 calories can be found in just one spoonful. Additionally, consuming more fat may help conserve protein while increasing testosterone levels.

Do I Advocate A Vegetarian Diet?

No! I do not practice vegetarianism, and I do not advocate for anyone to do so. Personally, I think eating like a caveman is the healthiest diet. In addition to fruits and vegetables, cavemen occasionally consumed meat. I'm not attempting to direct you, though. Some people choose to eat vegetarian because it improves their mood. Some people do it because they care about the rights of animals. Others engage in it for spiritual reasons.

Whatever your motivations, the aforementioned advice can help you increase your muscular mass while still enabling you to uphold your morals.