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For bigger traps, employ paused shrugs


For bigger traps, employ paused shrugs

All those heavy deadlifts won't get you large trap muscles since they won't be enough to bring you up to speed.

Here is a helpful suggestion to assist you improve your shrugs because heavy shrugs that cause you to twitch won't work either.

Your trapezoids will expand as a result of prolonged stress.

You can tell if you're improving if you perform dumbbell shrugs with a hold lasting three to five seconds at the top of the movement.

The finest outcomes are obtained while using this position when the traps are simply contracted. You must complete four sets of 10–12 reps each.

According to the calculations, performing 12 shrugs with three second holds at the top of each movement will add 30 to 40 seconds to your workout time in addition to the time it normally takes you to complete a rep.

The results will always come with hard labor, whether you choose to work on your traps for more than a minute each or lift extremely heavy dumbbells for 20–25 seconds while twitching the entire time.

Since the shrug has a very limited range of motion, using really heavy weights won't put your traps under enough tension for long enough to produce benefits.

However, when you have that 3-5 second hold, you add a benefit that, as far as we are aware, cannot be obtained in any other way.

To sum up, reduce the weight you lift and prolong the time your traps are under stress, and you will get the desired outcomes.

Get to the gym, don't be afraid to employ some strategy, and work smarter, not harder—the results will be seen over the long term!