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Build large traps to achieve the power look


Build large traps to achieve the power look

In order to get ready for the summer and the beach, many guys out there frequently focus on developing their pecs and arms. But what do you know? You won't appear big, strong, or athletic with those beach muscles. However, large traps will.

A big upper back and set of traps do more to make you look athletic and powerful. To understand what we mean, just take a look at any wrestler, boxer, or MMA fighter.

Just look at guys like Evander Holyfield, Ken Shamrock, Dave Batista, and Randy Orton who have big traps. All of them look impressive and athletic, yet none of them are bodybuilders. In reality, you automatically think that someone who has a broad upper back and huge traps engages in the aforementioned sports, such as boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts.

Where can I find big traps?

If you want a big back and a pair of traps, start deadlifting as soon as you can. The deadlift is the best exercise for building muscle and strength. Your upper back, lower back, and traps will become stronger and more muscular as a result of performing the deadlift correctly.

The "clean and press" exercise is required for your second session. This workout can help you build a strong upper back and traps as well as broad shoulders, which is another step toward "the power look."

The next exercise you should include in your schedule is barbell rows. The barbell row is a great exercise for adding thickness and muscle to the back as well as building the rear delts.

The fourth exercise is chin-ups. Chin-ups and pull-ups are the best exercises you can perform using only your body weight. They'll give you back some width and an athletic "V" shape if you do them frequently.

These exercises are the "most efficient" and will give you a powerful appearance. Having large pecs and arms will make you look like an "ordinary Joe" with a shirt on, but having a wide, thick back and massive traps will make you stand out from the crowd.