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Five suggestions to increase the efficiency of biceps curls

Five suggestions to increase the efficiency of biceps curls

Biceps curls are the best workout for developing the arm muscle separately and quickly after exhaustion. Unfortunately, a lot of people use the same strategy: quickly lower the dumbbells once, then again, until they have performed 1000 repetitions. As a result, it's possible that they'll get hurt from overload one day. But as is repeatedly stated in the video, the secret to success isn't doing more of something; it's doing it better. That is the proper method.

N.º 1 the right stance for biceps curls

First and foremost, it's critical to adopt the proper stance and position of the arms and hands. Because only a flawless technique pushes your biceps to expand as much as they can. Grab two Mancunians and hang them from the side of the torso. Get out of a supine position and turn your hands so the palms are the first to face your body.

The elbows need to remain in contact with the torso the entire time. Tensing the core before rising. Ascertain that your back is neutral and straight. The shoulder blades should be pulled back and pressed downward. The difficulty of maintaining this position will increase as you perform more repetitions, particularly if your shoulder blades begin to draw back and down. If your posture is great but you still can't hold it or ramp up speed, it's because you're taking a break or picking up a smaller weight.

N.º 2 When working out, breathe properly.

Five suggestions to increase the efficiency of biceps curls

During weight training, breathing is a crucial tool for maximizing performance. aid in keeping a slow, steady rhythm, maintaining focus, and keeping the body's center stable. Exhale as you bend your arms and lift the dumbbells to shoulder level. After a brief period of holding the position, inhale deeply and slowly release the weights. Keep track of at least three. By doing this, you can be certain that you won't exercise too quickly or skip a crucial section.

N.O. 3 Move the muskets before the curl

Many people overlook the fact that one of the biceps' primary jobs is to rotate the forearms. You must challenge the muscle to the fullest extent if you want it to grow as much as possible. Each repetition should start with the hands facing your body with the palms up. The forearms should then begin to curl. Rotate them upwards until the palms are pointing up at the ceiling. Turn it toward the body and begin again once you've reached the starting position.

Additional advice: Once you are at the starting position, tense your triceps for a moment before turning your hands' palms inward.

N.º 4 operating more steadily and effectively at a lower volume

"Prioritizing technique before volume" is one of the most crucial strength training strategies. This indicates that it is preferable to focus on a clean execution rather than employing heavier dumbbells or even working on impulse. The best way to maximize a biceps curl is to sit on a weight bench or do knee exercises. You won't be able to raise weights from your legs or hips with as much force because of this. Picking lighter dumbbells is preferable, and slow, controlled motion should be more of a focus.

N.º 5 Make eye contact with your biceps.

Do you know what the mind-body connection is? Strength training's success is a result of the brain and muscles communicating with one another. Studies show that better performance results from the muscles' ability to concentrate mentally while the exercise is being warmed up. Bridge the piles as a result when performing biceps curls. As you bring the dumbbells to your shoulder and slowly release them, picture the muscle is tightened. Without a doubt, working on your skills in front of a mirror can be beneficial.