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Get Massive Sized Arms and a Bigger Chest with These 6 Bodyweight Exercises


Get Massive Sized Arms and a Bigger Chest with These 6 Bodyweight Exercises

You want to develop large arms and a broad chest, but you don't have access to a gym. No issue. Llarance Turner will demonstrate how to accomplish this at home.

Despite the difficulty of some of these bodyweight exercises, this is still a great workout to develop a larger chest and larger arms.

The exercise

each exercise for 25 repetitions.

Bear Pushups, first

Take a stance that resembles a kneeling pose for the bear pushup, but instead of kneeling, you should be standing on your toes (above image).

On your toes, maintain as much height as you can. With each repetition, you'll essentially feel as though you're leaning over.

Two-Ply Pushups

The plyo push up is a powerful variation on the standard push up. In fact, it's so powerful that as you reach the peak of the action, your hands really lift off the ground. This particular push-up is fantastic for developing your chest, triceps, and front delts while also enhancing your upper body's strength and explosiveness.

3. Extensions of the Wall Tricep

Step backwards a few feet, then lean your elbows and palms on the wall so that your weight is supported by your forearms. After that, slowly straighten your arms and extend your elbows.

4. Pushups with one arm

Begin in the standard plank position. Put one of your hands in a push-up posture, using your tightened glute and thigh muscles to keep your body and legs in a straight line. Put your second arm in a push-up posture while you raise yourself up. One arm at a time, steadily lower yourself into a plank position from this position. (See the photo above)

5. Pushups with a chest touch

A terrific upper body strength exercise that targets your arms, chest, and core is the chest touch push-up. Start off by starting a pushup as you normally would. Lift one of your hands off the floor while performing a push-up with your arms fully extended, touch your chest, and then place your hand back on the floor. Complete a pushup, then do it again with the other arm.

Diamond pushups. 6

The diamond push-up is a more challenging variation of the traditional push-up that involves placing your hands closely together. Your arms form a diamond shape when they are fully extended, thus the exercise's name. This exercise, which is common in the army, helps develop arm, chest, and abdominal muscles.