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9 Exercise Strategies to Increase Lean Muscle Mass

9 Exercise Strategies to Increase Lean Muscle Mass

1. Complex motions

Compound movements develop strength and muscle; you may have heard this before, and it's true. You will get bigger and stronger by performing exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell rows, standing shoulder presses, and chin-ups.

This is due in part to the fact that you can perform these workouts while adding greater weight to the bar. The body builds more muscle mass to make up for the greater damage caused by heavier weights.

2. Increase the frequency of your workouts.

If you want to keep your body in shape, working out a few times a week is not a terrible idea. But if you want to bulk up, you might think about going to the gym more frequently.

Going to the gym four to five days per week can seem counterproductive, but if you keep your workouts to 40 to 45 minutes, this could be just what you need to gain lean muscle mass.

3. Occasionally switch up your reps (and weights).

Although the 8–12 rep range is frequently utilized to increase muscle mass, keep in mind that your body can adapt to stress. This is why you should occasionally change the reps (and weights) you do.

For instance, you could attempt to engage in strength training for 5–6 weeks, performing 4-6 hard repetitions per set. Following the strength phase, you can increase your reps (with less weight) to 15-20, complete a second phase lasting 5–6 weeks, and then go back to the regular 8–12 reps.

4. Exercises that isolate the lagging body regions specifically.

Just because large complex actions increase muscle mass doesn't mean that isolation exercises should be completely abandoned. Isolation workouts are an excellent technique to finish off your muscles after you have finished the heavy lifting or to pre-exhaust them.

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High repetitions with light weight during calf raises or biceps curls can truly pump blood into the exercised muscle, stretch the fascia, and promote new muscular growth.

5. Put appropriate recuperation first.

You eat well and go to the gym four to five times a week, but you still don't see any improvement. Your weak recuperation may be to blame. Outside of the gym, not while you work out, your muscles develop.

Reduce your daily stress levels and ensure that you receive enough sleep at night. Get 8 to 9 hours of unbroken sleep each night to obtain enough rest. You'll be shocked by how much these two variables affect your capacity to exercise and gain lean muscle.

6. Include a few supplements

Although proper diet should always come first and supplements are not required for everyone, the right ones can speed up your recovery and increase the size of your muscles.

It has been demonstrated that supplements including creatine, multivitamins, protein drinks, and fish oil aid in muscle growth and recuperation. Even difficult supplements might give you the edge you need to keep improving; they are not s******s.

7. Maintain your regular regimen.

Even while you may need to alter your rep count, weight, and regimen, doing it too frequently can hinder your growth.

Before switching to another program, you must wait for your body to strengthen and experience all of the benefits of the previous one. This is why it's advised that you follow a chosen program for 10–12 weeks before beginning a new one.

8. Ensure that the setting is appropriate.

According to a proverb, you are a product of your environment. And to some extent, this is accurate. A gym full of cardio junkies is not the kind of place you can become a powerlifter or bodybuilder. If you train among people who are not working out hard, you will not become a good athlete.

Your drive to exercise and advance will undoubtedly soar if you can discover a place with hard-training folks who share your goals. You can be sure that your exercises will be excellent if you can discover a training partner that shares your objectives.

9. Positivity of spirit

It's true what they say: attitude is everything. And not just in terms of lifting, but also in terms of life in general. You may lift more weight, burn fat more quickly, obtain a better job, and do better in school if you have an optimistic outlook. You will achieve FAR BETTER outcomes with a PASSIVE and POSITIVE mindset than you will with a wonderful routine carried out haphazardly and insufficiently.