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Two Proven Methods to Obtain a Six Pack

Two Proven Methods to Obtain a Six Pack


Check out these 2 tested methods for developing a six-pack.

Strong abs and a flat stomach. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Since you clicked here, you and the vast majority of the rest of the globe are in that situation.

Most people find it appealing and indicative of good health to be able to display their abs. It indicates that you have a reasonably low body fat percentage, which is excellent evidence of both strength and health.

So, shouldn't you try your best to achieve that desired look? Yes. Mike Diamonds discussed two tested methods for developing a six-pack.

Formerly a practicing physician, Dr. Mike Diamonds is now a YouTuber and an online fitness trainer. His YouTube channel has around a million subscribers, and he frequently uses his personal body change as an example of how to assist others to become better versions of themselves. In addition, he founded the website Sculpt by Science.

Try these six quick exercises for sexier arms and abs

Two Proven Methods to Obtain a Six Pack

The first of Diamonds' two tested methods for getting a six-pack targets those with underdeveloped cores. If that applies to you, you should consider why you still can't see your six-pack even though your body fat % is reduced.

The correct response is that you should treat your abs just like any other muscle. And how can you make other muscles grow and flaunt themselves? by constantly working them out and, more significantly, by using progressive overload? Doing hundreds of crunches won't help you in this situation. Better exercises that really challenge your abs must be developed.

Every bodyweight workout that uses progressive overload must be carefully planned. The cable crunch is the best exercise, according to Diamonds. He suggests performing 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions with a 20-second break in between. If you can't get there, perform crunches with your arms outstretched.

You should also perform cable woodchoppers, Russian twists, hanging leg raises, and other exercises.

For beginners, Mike Diamonds suggests performing these exercises every three days. Exercise your abs every other day to grow them more quickly.

If the layer of body fat covering your abs is your issue, you must lose it in order to be able to see your abs. You should start a caloric deficit diet, in which you expend more calories than you take in, to achieve this. Ideally, a high-protein diet, says Diamonds.

Concentrate on your nutrition and body fat percentage because they are directly tied to your ability to notice your abs.