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My Top 7 Exercises Using Body Weight

My Top 7 Exercises Using Body Weight


Due to the popularity of weight training, bodyweight exercises are currently one of the most undervalued workout methods. While there is very little information on body-weight training, a significant portion of periodicals, both online and printed, are packed with weight-training tips.

Most individuals are unaware of the fact that bodyweight exercises have their own place in training and can be used alone to develop a superb physique.

Take pushups as an illustration. They are an excellent alternative to the bench press. Another fantastic feature is that you may alter the intensity of the exercises and the body areas they target by altering the hand and foot placements as you perform them.

The advantages of body-weight exercise:

1. There is no cost and no requirement for a gym membership.

2. It can be carried out in any place.

3. There is a lot of room for variety.

4. Increases practical strength

5. You can overcome an injury.

The best exercises you can perform using only your body weight are:

1. Push-ups: This exercise is great for developing stability in your lower back and torso as well as strengthening your shoulders, triceps, and chest. You exercise your abs as you do it. The pushup exercise has many varieties, including sissy pushups on your knees (for people who lack the strength to perform a standard pushup), wide hand position pushups, close hand position pushups, elevated feet pushups, etc.

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2. Squats with your own body weight: This workout has several advantages. It can be used to build stronger, bigger legs, or it can be used with exercises like zigzag hops, jumps, and sprints to improve conditioning and mobility. To develop form and skill, perform them against a wall.

3. Pull-Ups: If you want to bulk up and widen your back, this exercise is a terrific way to do so. Here is a modification for the pull-ups. For grip, you can use various things like towels or heavy ropes. By balancing a bag between your feet, you may up the ante on the intensity. If you are unable to perform a pull-up, you may always try an inverted row.

4. Lunges: If you want to increase your leg strength and mobility in your hips and knees, you must perform this exercise. Use a backpack and stuff it with books for more resistance. The bag can be carried over your head or in front of you.

5. Ab Roll Outs: This exercise might be compared to a more difficult version of the plank. The only difference is that the upper body is moving, which results in far more resistance. To simulate the movement, you can use an ab wheel, but you can also utilize blast straps, gymnastic rings, or even a barbell.

6. Inverted rows: This exercise is fantastic for working your back, side, and rear delts. Similar to the row, but instead of lifting a barbell, you are pulling yourself up. I can speak from personal experience when I tell that doing 15-20 reps of this exercise provided me with strong back pumps.

Burpees are a wonderful exercise for both conditioning and fat loss since they train the entire body. You can perform pushup burpees (where you make a pushup once you are in the pushup position) or pullup burpees (where you jump up, grasp the pullup bar, and perform a full pullup) if you find that ordinary burpees are too easy for you.