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Ways to Increase Your Bicep Size

You will almost always need to take a more methodical approach to developing a bigger and better arm, but occasionally performing a million barbell curls might assist. Everyone aspires to have biceps that are like Mr. Olympia's.

Olympia champions, but curling until you pass out is a lowly form of exercise. Instead, try these five advanced techniques to build bigger, more powerful biceps than you ever could have imagined. Now let's get started.



It all comes down to your grip when performing barbell curls. Your outer and inner bicep heads will be used almost equally if you employ a shoulder-width grip, but the wider you go, the more your short/inner head begins to absorb the strain.

Your long bicep head will be more influenced the narrower your hands get, therefore you should absolutely vary up your grips. Combine some curls with a regular shoulder-width barbell where your grasp will be wider and some close-grip curls. Your biceps' total size and strength will increase as a result of this, working both the long and short heads.

Start with four sets of bicep curls to start building your biceps. Maintain a tight grip with approximately 8 inches separating your hands during your initial set. Use a hip-width grip for your second set and a standard shoulder-width grip for your third. You should aim for a grip that is six inches wider than your shoulder breadth for your fourth set.



Partial movement shouldn't seem unusual to you if you're reading this. You get stronger only in the portion of the exercise that you complete. This can be used in conjunction with your biceps training, however, if you already have 21s to perform as partials, be aware that using greater weight is more effective. 

If you use proper form, performing a curl through its full range of motion limits the weight you can lift at the weakest section of the exercise.

 Best Exercises For Building Biceps

Because the bar rests on your thighs when performing seated barbell curls, you have to stop the exercise halfway through. Additionally, as your strength is concentrated in the upper part of the range of motion, this helps you concentrate on loading up on extra weight for your biceps, allowing you to overload them.

When compared to standard barbell curls, most people can lift 20 to 30 percent more weight when performing seated barbell curls. For maximum impact, perform these first in your workout. Three rounds of them are required, and afterward, perform two to three sets of standard standing barbell curls using your entire range of motion!



One of the few methods to lengthen the long head of the biceps is to perform seated incline dumbbell curls. An inclined bench causes your arms to go behind your chest, activating your long head and strengthening its contraction. This is why performing incline curls will highlight your long head.

This is essential if you want to create guns since, when developed and viewed from the side, the lengthy head is what gives the biceps their appealing appearance. It also provides you with a tiny biceps peak.

Perform incline curls with a 40-degree inclination immediately following barbell curls. Once it fails, adjust the angle to 45 degrees and proceed, stopping only long enough to reassemble your bench. Move to a 60-degree slope and push yourself as hard as you can until you reach muscular failure there. That would be one set, and you would have to perform three. A weight that you can lift ten times on the first bench setting is required.



Hammer curls are traditionally thought of as the final exercise in a big arms program, used to activate the brachialis and forearms. Hammer curls, on the other hand, seem to place the most strain on your long head of biceps, so include them in your bicep program if you want to increase the size of it. This is supported by a recent study.

If you can, perform some cross-body hammer curls. Instead of curling the weight in front of you, curl it at a 45-degree angle from your torso. Then, pull toward the shoulder on your opposite side. Your long head will be further highlighted in this way.