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In only 14 days, you'll be in the best shape of your life thanks to this 15-minute total-body circuit



A kettlebell is an excellent tool for a quick 15-minute workout. A kettlebell workout can be done in a small space and can make you feel more primitive than tossing around dumbbells. In addition, a 15-minute kettlebell workout is ideal for burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Kettlebells have a few benefits over dumbbells as well. Picking up a kettlebell mimics daily movements, such as grabbing luggage, dishes from a fridge, or the same items left lying around the house by the kids.

There may be some controversy about whether cardio, bodyweight practice, or weightlifting is the best form of exercise, but if you want to lose calories, you should do all three. So grab a skipping rope and a medium-weight kettlebell and take on this 12-minute AMRAP, in which you compete against the clock to record the most reps.

Doing this every other day and you'll be in top shape in no time.

Skipping a beat:

This is where you put your money. You must complete each skip before moving on to the AMRAP. It's a warm-up session, with the thermostat set to 11.

How to do it:

* With the rope behind you, hold the handles.

* Flick the rope overhead with your wrists and jump it.

* Find a rhythm by staying on the balls of your feet.

* Then comes the difficult part.

* Perform 500 reps.

Swing of the American Kettlebell:

This is where your AMRAP starts.

How to do it:

* Between your knees, hold the weight with both hands.

* Hinge forward at the hips, then swing the weight overhead by contracting the glutes.

* In a flowing swing, return and repeat.

* Don't let shape suffer if the KB pace slows; use this as a cue to take a 15-second breather in later rounds.

* Perform 12 reps.

V-sit (Vertical Sitting):

After that, let go of the weight and hit the ground.

How to do it:

* Lie down on your back with your arms and legs spread out in front of you.

* Lift your hands and feet about an inch off the ground.

* Lift your hands and feet together above your head with your abs contracted, then slowly lower.

* To maximize the gain to your heart while minimizing the damage to your lower back, go slow and steady.

* Perform 12 reps.

High-pull Sumo Deadlift:

Jump to your feet and aim for the kettlebell.

How to do it:

* Make sure your feet are wider than your elbows, your knees are bent, and your back is flat.

* To stand up and raise the weight, contract your glutes.

* Don't stop: raise the weight close to your chest until it reaches chin height with one smooth movement.

* Reverse the process, ignoring the growing burn, and repeat.

* Perform 12 reps.

Over Kettlebell Ski Jump:

Set the kettlebell down and take a step to the left.

How to do it:

* Sink into a half-squat with your feet shoulder-width apart.

* Overcome the weight by jumping up and over it.

* Round off the set by jumping side to side before picking up the weight and swinging into round two.

* Go all out for 12 minutes, keep track of how many rounds you completed, and try to beat that on your next attempt.

* Perform 12 reps.