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The Abdominal V is what you're looking for



Anyone who isn't genetically predisposed would find it difficult to achieve even the tiniest noticeable abs with a rigorous exercise regimen and a well-balanced diet. But how do you take it a step further and give the region some legitimate definition?

We asked Tim McComsey, C.P.T., creator of TRyMFitness, for a write-up and demonstration of a two-day-per-week regimen for landing those lower-abdominal and oblique cuts that some women (we asked them) refer to as "sex lines."

Two times a week, do the routine.

In between sets, take a 15-30 second break. In between exercises, take a 60-second break.

Suspended Reverse Crunch, No. 1

5 sets of 15 reps each (15, 12, 10, 10, 10)

2. Avoid the Russian Twist

Sets: 5

Reps: 12-15

3. Leg Raises with Hanging Legs

Reps: 12-15 Sets: 5