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Use Super Set to Increase Your Bicep Exercise


Use Super Set to Increase Your Bicep Exercise

If you want super arms, you should consider supersetting your bicep exercises if you want them.

A very clever and effective approach to increase the intensity of your biceps workout is to use supersets. Straight-set biceps workout is perfectly OK. either using large weights and performing many reps, or using modest weights. If you work hard, engaging in this type of exercise can help you develop some biceps that are rather strong. However, you should occasionally shock your biceps and intensify your bicep workout. How? Increase the intensity of your bicep workout by include some strong super sets. When you see the outcomes, you won't regret doing it.

Your bicep muscles should be shocked into new growth throughout a good workout. If you don't make an effort to make your body expand, it simply won't. Straight sets quickly lose their appeal and effectiveness because of this. Your body isn't sufficiently shocked by it to cause it to grow.

Unfortunately, stunning your muscles is not a simple task. Any exercise won't do. To start your muscle into a large growth phase for your biceps, you actually need to stun it. Only then can you see true growth—it has to be something extremely demanding that pushes your biceps to the absolute limit. Why? Because your body is really efficient at doing something called adaptation. It ultimately adjusts to any bicep training, so occasionally you need to throw a shocker in between your workouts.

But there is a fix for this. Use a super set during your workout to watch your biceps grow rapidly.

in case you do not understand what a super set is. A super set is when two maneuvers are performed back-to-back with no breaks in between.

Use this sample biceps exercise to see results.

squat-barbell curl 3sets 8, 10, 12


alternate dumbbell curls while standing 3sets 12, 15, 20

Pastoral curls 3sets 8, 10, 12


ascending dumbbell curl 3sets 12, 15, 20

bang curls 3sets 8, 10, 12


backward curls 3sets 12, 15, 20

This bicep exercise is quite effective. It's important to select the right weight. Take up weights that will nearly cause you to fail. Use a weight, for instance, on the first rep that will make you fail. You will therefore be at the point of failure when you stop after the eighth rep of the first set. At that point, you should immediately place the weights down and take up the dumbbells for your next movement and the specified amount of reps. Repeat for three sets after a two-minute break.

And there is an illustration of a potent biceps exercise.