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Obese Person's Guide to Losing Body Fat: Lose Body Fat

Obese Person's Guide to Losing Body Fat: Lose Body Fat

It can be challenging to know where to begin with your fat loss plan if you are overweight or obese. You need to understand that one of the most crucial things is that your current lifestyle is what has made you overweight.

In order to achieve success, you must drastically alter your lifestyle. From being sedentary to being as active as possible, the shift must occur. So, seek out ways to be more active throughout your day.

You can stay active without going to the gym. Lose that "gym" mentality, in fact. What you can do in a gym, you can do at home. Most people eventually end up using a treadmill at the gym to walk.

High-Intensity Exercise Benefits

So go for a block walk rather than using a treadmill. And emphasize speed rather than distance. Make an effort to move your body ever-faster. You will be able to lose body fat by doing this.


because you are gradually increasing the exercise's intensity rather than its duration. Your body is an extremely effective machine that WINS to use LESS energy. Therefore, if you continue at the same speed, if you walked a mile in 300 calories (for illustration purposes only), it will eventually take you 200 calories to complete the same distance.

Calories Burned vs. Metabolic Rate

However, if you aim to go faster than before, you'll use more muscle and work your heart harder. Your metabolic rate will increase as your heart rate rises. How many calories you burn while at rest can be determined by your metabolic rate.

Let's imagine you burn 10 calories per minute at rest according to your current metabolic rate (just an example). That metabolic rate may increase to 20 calories per minute during a vigorous workout. Therefore, you will burn TWICE as many calories as you normally would.

Additionally, according to study, your metabolic rate is increased for up to 36 hours following a strenuous workout. Therefore, throughout the course of 36 hours, you burn 720 calories as opposed to 360!

Length vs. Intensity

The majority of people use an online calorie counter to calculate how long to exercise while planning their workout. For instance, if the calculator estimates that walking burns 10 calories per minute and the user wishes to burn 500 calories, they will walk on the treadmill for 50 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Now, the difficulty of a workout lessens as the workout lengthens. But you need to make your workouts as severe as you can to give your metabolic rate the maximum boost.

Why does that matter? You work out for as little time as possible!

Therefore, it's time to stop doing low-intensity cardio and start doing higher-intensity cardio plus resistance training if you need to shed a lot of body fat. Increase your metabolism to burn more fat!