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If you want to burn side fat, you'll need these Six workouts


If you want to burn side fat, you'll need these Six workouts

Almost everybody wishes to change a certain aspect of their body. The side is a common target area. Most other muscle groups are relatively easy to reach when exercising. However, focusing on the sides of the body can be difficult, resulting in less muscle. It's easy to believe you'll never lose weight in this place. You just need to add a few moves to your routine, though.

We've compiled a list of exercises that are specifically tailored to the love handle and oblique areas so you can incorporate them into your workout.

The Russian Twist (No. 1)

This easy step focuses on your oblique muscles. I like how you can change the difficulty level by leaning back as required. If you want an extra burn, you can raise your heels off the floor slightly.

2. Click and reach in an oblique manner (h/t Your Beauty)

The oblique muscles are targeted in this low-impact exercise. As your strength improves, you can easily change the difficulty by using heavier weights.

3. Leg lifts in the air (h/t Men's Fitness)

This one is painful, but it's well worth it. You don't have a pull-up bar in your house? When your kids are running around, take advantage of the monkey bars at the park. You'll also strengthen your abs, obliques, and grip power.

4. Discus Throw (image courtesy of Fitness Magazine)

With this step, you'll work your abs, buttocks, and legs. Use arm or ankle weights to increase the resistance. To avoid twitching a muscle, keep a close eye on your form during this phase.

5. Core-strengthening 10-minute workout (h/t Health)

This quick routine will give your heart a workout. The goal is to complete each step as quickly as possible in order to maintain a high heart rate (and thus increase calorie burn) when working your muscles. This is a workout that doesn't require any equipment.

6. The Starfish (photo courtesy of Style Craze)

To pull this transfer off, you'll need to be a little flexible. However, the advanced side plank variant helps to target the side muscles. This exercise not only works the abs and arms, but it also looks amazing on Instagram.