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3 Biceps Muscle-Building Exercises


Now that summer has passed, the old adage "when the sun goes down, the guns come out" has lost its significance. But, whether you're wearing sleeves or not, there's no reason you shouldn't hammer your biceps hard... Arms season lasts all year! Okay, but what are the greatest three workouts for bigger biceps, you could ask?

Continue reading to learn how to gain bigger biceps and a mountain peak by reading on. The biceps is the most popular muscle group among lifters, second only to the chest. Whether you agree or disagree, you have to acknowledge that bulging biceps, especially a well-developed biceps peak, is appealing. And, in order to get them to fully develop as quickly as possible, you'll need to think outside the box and discard your typical methods. So, without further ado, here are three unique and tough workouts that will give you the superhero biceps peaks you've always wanted:

1) Seated Dumbbell Curls in an Incline

This tool, one of our golden 3 bicep workouts, expands the biceps like no other. The length-tension relationship is used in the inclined sitting dumbbell curl, resulting in intense, growth-stimulating muscular contractions.

The outside, long head of the biceps (which enters just above the shoulder joint) undertakes the majority of the effort here due to the elbow position (pulled back and away from the body). Because it is the most apparent, you should concentrate on the long head of the bicep. Unless you're in the habit of striking a double biceps position every time you walk through the door. It's worth noting that the bench should be adjusted to a maximum of 45 degrees; lower angles (flatter bench) will allow for more stretching, but will also raise your risk of injury, It's more prone to produce tendon inflammation in the long head. This can also happen when you use a too-heavy weight, in which case the inflammation is commonly misinterpreted as shoulder pain.

2) Eccentric Barbell Curl with One Arm

Excentrics, which allow for preferential fast-twitch muscle fiber activation and prolonged time under tension, are the ideal approach to perfect your peaks. Eccentric contractions have been discovered to be an untapped source of amazing muscle growth in multiple research.

Rather than simply slowing down during the negative section of the exercise, you can get a thousand times more by consciously emphasizing it. And there's no better way to accomplish it than with the one-arm eccentric barbell curl, which originated with Charles Poliquin's masochistic mind. Begin by seated or standing in front of a preacher curl station. Keep your arms supinated and rest your upper arm on the pad in front of you. Begin at the top of the curl and gradually drop the bar with one arm for an 8-second count.

Allow a small pause, then have your training partner assist you in returning to the starting position, or simply complete the concentric portion of the action with your free hand. Poliquin suggests completing eight sets of three reps with two-minute rest periods in between, but we'll let you decide.

3) Curls of Concentration

Concentration curls are an often misunderstood exercise that is thought to sculpt rather than bulk up the biceps peak. Unfortunately, genetics determines the structure of the biceps – yet all of you guys out there CAN have bigger guns... However, whether they are flat like a flounder or peaked like a mountain is up to Mother Nature.

Concentration curls, on the other hand, are an excellent way to target the long, outer head of the biceps and isolate the muscle. This is because concentration curls eliminate any shoulder movement and eliminate bouncing weight from the equation.

The precise posture of the elbow, which should be sunk into the inner thigh rather than rested on top of it, is critical when completing concentration curls (common mistake among many lifters). If you can't lower the dumbbell all the way to the floor without touching it, simply lift your heels up, being careful not to hyper-extend (overstretch) your biceps... since it may result in an injury

CONCLUSION: These are the top three workouts for growing bigger and stronger biceps (biceps peaks included). You must maintain proper form, maintain the right weight, and never forget to warm up.