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Big Arms Tip: The 6-12-25 Method

Giant sets that target agonist muscle groups will help you strengthen your lagging muscles. To refresh your memory, mega sets are when you perform three exercises in a row for the same muscle with little recovery in between.

But let's make it a little more interesting by adopting the 6-12-25 format. This is how it appears:

First exercise: For submaximal strength, use a heavier weight for 6 repetitions.

Second Exercise: For hypertrophy, use a moderate weight for 12 repetitions.

Third Exercise: For strength-endurance, use a lesser weight for 25 repetitions.

You've covered all the bases, and you're going to cause a lot of metabolic stress. Here are two massive arm sets that are really effective.

Close-Grip Bench Press: 6 repetitions. Triceps Specialization A2. Take a 10-second break.

A2. 12 repetitions of Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Take a 10-second break.

A3. 25 reps of banded pushdowns

Restart after 3 minutes of rest. Repeat for a total of 2-3 more rounds.

A1: Biceps Specialization 6 reps of strict chin-ups Take a 10-second break.

A2. Inverted Supinated-Grip 12 reps of rowing Take a 10-second break.

A3: 25 reps of the banded curl

Restart after 3 minutes of rest. Rep 2–3 times more.

The third lift includes a band workout. When we consider the weariness that has already been set in motion by the first two workouts, the changing resistance of a band (tension increases during the range of motion rather than remaining constant) is a better fit.

The use of a band variation will account for the high level of exhaustion in the last exercise, making it more realistic. Bands are also ideal for high-volume workouts.


Use this strategy for no more than four weeks, increasing the number of sets on each movement from three to four on the first week and three to four on the second. Following that, you might try various exercise variations.