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To Increase Size, Strength, And Stability, Learn How To Master The Press-Up With This Classic Bodyweight Exercise

To Increase Size, Strength, And Stability, Learn How To Master The Press-Up With This Classic Bodyweight Exercise

Push-ups have become synonymous with working out for both men and women as one of the most prevalent chest exercises. There isn't much that beats the press-up when it comes to indications of raw strength and power. Fortunately, the typical push-up (also known as a press-up) can be modified in a variety of ways to produce strong chest-building routines.

Various military and sport programs require you to be able to complete a particular amount of work. Most gym-goers can easily complete a set of standard press-ups. Clearly, there is a need for a new challenge.

It's the only upper-body workout you can perform anytime, anyplace, and it's one of the best exercises ever developed, training all of the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles while also demanding solid core strength to keep your upper body steady.

Below are form instructions for the ten finest press-up variations that don't require any equipment and can be done at home, on vacation, or at the bar. Move on to the next variation once you've completed 15 reps.

1. Kneeling press-ups:

How to do it:

Because you can eliminate some of your bodyweight by resting your knees on the floor, this is a terrific technique to start increasing upper-body strength.

1/10 Difficulty

2. Press-up with a wide arm:

How to do it:

By gently widening your hands, you can minimize the range of motion and make each exercise a little simpler.

It also emphasizes the chest rather than the triceps, which might be a weak point for some.

2/10 Difficulty

3. Push-ups:

How to do it:

Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and your body should be in a straight line from head to heels.

Keep your elbows pointing back, not to the sides, as you lower.

3/10 Difficulty

4. Press-up in the shape of a diamond:

How to do it:

This becomes a wonderful triceps-sculpting technique when the tips of opposite thumbs and index fingers are brought together.

4/10 Difficulty

5. Press-up with a T:

How to do it:

After each rep, alternate twisting and raising your arms to make your core work harder to keep your body stable.

5/10 Difficulty

6. Press-up on one leg:

How to do it:

To target your core, glutes, and leg muscles, lift one leg off the ground and perform the set as normal.

Difficulty: 6 out of 10

7. Offset jump press-ups alternated:

How to do it:

Jumping your hands backwards and forwards from different angles works your chest and triceps muscles.

7/10 Difficulty

8. Press-up with a jump:

How to do it:

Pushing yourself up to the point where your hands leave the floor aids in the development of explosive upper-body strength and power.

8/10 Difficulty

9. Press-up with claps:

How to do it:

More fast-twitch muscle fibres are recruited when you push up explosively after each rep so you can clap your hands, which leads to bigger and stronger improvements.

9/10 Difficulty

10. Press-up with one arm:

How to do it:

Performing press-ups with only one arm, the ultimate show-off move, necessitates a high level of upper-body strength and stability, as your core must maintain your torso steady so you can finish each rep without falling over.

Difficulty: ten out of ten