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Strong-Arm Techniques of Sadik Hadzovic


Strong-Arm Techniques of Sadik Hadzovic

Some individuals believe that performing numerous biceps curls is the key to developing large arms. That is partially true. Most of your arm growth can come from the triceps since they make about two-thirds of your upper-arm mass. World-class bodybuilders are aware that in order to grow balanced, finished arms, the biceps and triceps must each receive equal attention.

Sadik Hadzovic will hammer your biceps and triceps hard in this workout to get you on the road to some real guns. The smallest muscle group in the body, the arms don't require much stimulation. You should be in good shape if you perform this exercise once each week.

Exercise in Strong-Arm Techniques by Sadik Hadzovic

Rope Press-Down: 4 sets, 15 repetitions, 1 minute of rest.

Four sets of fifteen reps of the cable overhead triceps extension, followed by a one-minute break.

Dumbbell Curls in Alternation

30 repetitions in 4 sets (alternating, 15 reps per side, rest 1 min.)

Reclining triceps 4 sets of 15 presses (rest 1 min.)

4-set, 15-rep barbell curl (rest 1 min.)

4 sets of 15 repetitions on the reverse-grip triceps extension (rest 1 min.)

4 sets of 15 repetitions on the preacher curl (rest 1 min.)

Close-Grip Bench Press by Smith Machine

4 sets, 15 repetitions, with a minute of rest.

Technique Keys of Hadzovic

Hadzovic enjoys performing triceps pushdowns with the rope attachment. When performing this exercise, many lifters allow their shoulders to slide forward. Be unlike them instead! Your shoulders should be in a back and down position when you begin. The bottom of the movement should then include a strong flex. Everyone expresses a desire to obtain the horseshoe, as Hadzovic claims. As you tighten, imagine that muscle to get there. Sense it!

Pay close attention to the contraction during the overhead maneuver with the cable rope while your arms are completely extended. Imagine the horseshoe becoming iron!

Alternating Biceps Curl: The key to this exercise, according to Hadzovic, is to supinate your wrists at the top of the movement, directing the weight directly onto your biceps. All of that blood will be forced into the biceps peak as a result.

Don't use excessive weight during the seated triceps press because you still need further warming up. At the top of the exercise, first strive to tighten and squeeze the triceps. After that, as you lower the weight, take your time. Your elbows will be under a lot of strain if you reduce the weight too quickly. Bring it down gradually and under control is what you want to accomplish. You control your weight, not it you, as Hadzovic advises.

Barbell Curl: As long as you concentrate on the negative action, it's acceptable to employ a little momentum during this exercise. Because this portion of the range of motion increases muscular growth, lower the weight slowly.

Triceps Reverse-Grip Hadzovic enjoys performing push-downs with a rope or bar attachment. When you've been working out for a while, like he has, you need to find fresh ways to hit your muscles to encourage growth. After a period, muscles grow resistant, therefore you need to attack them in various methods. Start this exercise with your shoulder blades back and down, just like you did with the rope push-downs. Try to complete the exercise by concentrating just on your triceps and refraining from engaging your front delts.

Preacher curls, also referred to as spider curls, are excellent exercises to perform with the EZ-bar since they are gentler on the wrist joints.

Hadzovic overhears some lifters accusing the use of the Smith machine of cheating during close-grip bench presses. "But you know what, it's the best method to make sure you don't get hurt," he continues. Use the Smith machine; it's your friend."