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What Is the Maximum Amount of Muscle?

The x-factor in building a body that makes women drool is muscle. Muscle is that mystical body tissue that can make you stronger. Some of the world's best physiques are built with muscle, while those with "needs improvement" physiques lust after it. How to quickly build muscle is a question that so many people ask. It's difficult to resist being drawn in when magazines, blogs, and other forms of media extol these "to die for" physiques. However, some of the people I see in some of the professional bodybuilding magazines seem bigger than I'd ever want to even consider being.I still adore how they appear when I look at old photos of famous people like Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other greats. Despite their size, they still appear to be people to me. I'm curious as to how much muscle is too much after watching the pro bodybuilder's improvement.

It's totally acceptable for different people to have various views about how much muscle they want to pack onto their own frames. You have to be satisfied with what YOU see when you look in the mirror at the end of the day. Let's look at the situation from five different angles to determine how much muscle is too much:

1) The Common Jane/Joe, 

2) The Athlete, 

3) The Bodybuilder, 

4) The Special Someone, and 

5) The Outsiders.


The fitness magazine Shangri-la is available in most bookstores, but the Average Jane and Average Joe definitely don't read it. They follow a typical diet and may be merely trying to get a little bit more toned. They may have lost a little weight due to a variety of factors, but overall they are happy with their lives. They might not be aiming for the muscular female fitness model physique. The main objective is to simply tone up their existing muscle and trim down a little. *\s* People occasionally switch categories. Depending on what you do and what you want to do with your body, it will change.

the competitor

The athlete may possess genetic talents that not everyone possesses...

height, fast-twitch muscle fibers, or even inherent speed. They capitalize on their strengths because they are fully aware of them. Although they may not be aiming for bodybuilder size, muscle does matter. To be as effective as possible in their particular sport, every muscle fiber in their bodies must be grown and modified.


The more muscle, the better, in the eyes of a bodybuilder or would-be bodybuilder. I suppose you could simplify this much further. The natural bodybuilder may desire large, symmetrical muscles. The non-natural pro uses all available ways to achieve something as large and symmetrical as feasible (steroids, GH, etc.).


What does your spouse or partner think of your physical appearance? How does your partner feel about the way you look? How much muscle is too much for this person may depend much on how they feel about you. You might work out even harder if your partner thinks having lots of muscle attractive. On the other hand, if your spouse likes women with slim waistlines and lovely, muscular legs, you might work out to make yourself more attractive to him.


When people see you, what do you want them to say? Wow, you look incredible. or "You're a beast, Jesus Christ!" include "Damn! You have such a hot body. There are times when pressure from outside voices can be felt inside your body. Sometimes the people around you can affect your judgment of how much is too much.

I don't want to resemble an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) pro, personally. I have the utmost admiration for the dedication bodybuilders show to their trade on a daily basis. I simply don't think I'll be able to keep that much muscle when I'm 65 or older. How many Jay Cutlers over 75 do you know? Personally, I strive to have the physique of a healthy, fit, masculine underwear model. They are excellent illustrations of buff, but not excessive buff.

What amount of muscle is too much for you?