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The Top 5 Exercises to Build Bigger Triceps

The Top 5 Exercises to Build Bigger Triceps

Do you want to bulk up in the upper arms? Well, of course... So you'll have to work on strengthening your triceps.

You might be surprised to learn that your triceps make up more than two thirds of your upper arm! Therefore, your arms will appear stronger and more developed as a whole the stronger and more developed your triceps are.

Try out these triceps exercises during your subsequent upper body workout, and get ready to feel the burn.

Treshold dips

The first workout that probably comes to mind while thinking about your triceps. These are tough ones since your triceps have to support the weight of your entire body.

But trust us, the suffering is worthwhile.

Bench dips are a terrific alternative for novices and a particularly effective way to simplify the activity if you're having trouble supporting your entire weight.

Torso Pushdown

The name gives it away, but if performed properly, this exercise is excellent for developing larger triceps.

Avoid packing on too much weight since you might notice that your upper back and shoulder start to drag.

To concentrate the stress on your triceps and start seeing results, make sure to maintain your shoulders down during the entire workout.

bench press with a tight grip

Changing up your grip can help you target your triceps even more, even though your standard bench press is a great compound exercise that will help you strengthen your triceps (along with your chest)!

Your triceps will develop power and, you guessed it, size as your hands grow closer together and more attention is focused on them.

Extending the triceps overhead

The lateral head, medial head, and long head are the three pieces that make up TRI-ceps.

It's crucial that you don't skip any of these three exercises in your workout if you want to see actual improvement in your triceps.

Overhead Tricep extensions are a terrific approach to target the frequently overlooked long head, resulting in bigger increases and better muscular balance.

Diamon Press-Ups

It's time for the diamond press-ups last but not least. The benefit of this exercise using only your body weight is that you may perform it whenever you want, anywhere! No gym? No issue.

While a standard push-up will accomplish the trick, placing your hands closer together places greater strain on your triceps, which in turn helps to increase their strength and mass. This is similar to the bench press.

Don't worry, you'll still see pec growth, but with this version, your triceps will burn.

Make a note of this article and try a few of these during your subsequent upper body day workout.

Which triceps exercise is your favorite?