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Five HIIT exercises that burn belly fat more quickly

Five HIIT exercises that burn belly fat more quickly

The upper, middle, and lower sets of muscles need to be worked out by anyone who wants to obtain rock hard abs. We'll look at some effective lower abdominal exercises in this article. The finest exercises for strengthening your lower abs are those listed above. You may tone your stomach by strengthening your muscles using lower abdominal exercises.

More Difficult Leg Lift

It's time to make the standard leg raises a little more challenging once you've mastered them. You may make lower abdominal exercises even better by making the activity more strenuous. Another fairly straightforward task is this one.

Start in the same spot you did for the previous exercise. However, this time you ought to make an effort to sit up when you move your legs. This is a great belly workout because it resembles abdominal crunches. At first, this feels weird, but with practice, it should be fairly enjoyable. This is a useful supplement to any belly exercise programs.

knee raises

Knee raises are another effective lower ab workout exercise. You'll need something to hold onto in order to achieve this. A door frame or a chin-up bar are also suitable locations. Lift your feet off the ground a little bit while maintaining a strong grip on the door or bar.

Your knees should then be bent and tightly drawn in against your tummy. Hold it for a little moment before beginning to lower your feet. But don't touch the ground just yet. Count to ten repetitions before you stop. These exercises are effective because they yield results immediately. You can speed your progress by increasing the amount of repeats as you gain experience.


1. Leg stretches

Although the lower abdominal muscles are more affected by this exercise than the obliques and hip flexors, the entire rectus abdominis is worked.

On a mat, lie on your back.

Bend your hips, keeping your knees at 90 degrees and your thighs parallel to your body.

You can move your feet away from the body by pulling in at the center of your body and progressively extending your legs.

By bending your knees and bringing your feet closer to your trunk once more, slowly and cautiously revert to the starting position.

3 sets of 15 repetitions should be done.

2. The belly-plank

Your best option to tone your stomach while gaining strength and durability is the abdominal plank.

Lie on your back with your forearms and toes on the ground.

To balance your body and maintain a straight torso, squeeze your abdomen. It's crucial to avoid lifting or dropping your hips during the workout to maintain its effectiveness.

Hold this position for three sets of at least three minutes each.

2. Leg lift

The 4 step leg lift is another simple workout that targets the lower tummy.

Place your hands behind your neck and extend your legs out on a mat.

Lift one leg till it is precisely perpendicular to your trunk while extending your abdominal muscles. Then, carry out the steps again with the second leg.

The first lifted leg should be lowered before the other leg.

15 repeats in 3 sets.

4. Cycling

You can work on your rectus abdominal muscles and obliques with this type of abdominal exercise. You can sculpt the entire torso in this manner.

Place your hands behind and at the sides of your head while you lay on your back.

Stretch your legs and slightly raise your head.

While bending your left knee, contract your abdominal muscles and pull your right elbow slightly closer your knee.

By bending the right knee and bringing the left elbow to it, you can get back to your starting position.

Attempt three sets of 20 repetitions. 5. A rectus lift

With the help of this exercise, you may target not only your lower abdominal region but also your glutes and, to a lesser extent, your obliques.

On a mat, lie on your back.

Kneel down and raise your arms.

To elevate your hips such that they are in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, contract your buttocks and belly.

Keep the position for a short while, then slowly resume your original position.

3 sets of 15 repetitions should be practiced.


The arms are close to the body, the back is totally in contact with the surface, the legs are bent, and the feet are kept firmly planted on the ground. You should concentrate on controlled movement and maximum abdominal activation.

The mountain's rotating tree

Put yourself in the traditional push-up position: arms and legs extended, torso straight; move the knee from the starting position to the opposite elbow, concentrating on the rotation of the torso; when you reach the extreme point, hold the position for a second; and remember that the movement alternates.

Remember that you must combine these workouts for the low abdomen with others that concentrate on engaging the upper abdominal and obliques if you want to have a uniform abdominal appearance. Remember to include some cardio in your workouts as well so you can burn fat and show off your more defined muscles.