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The best HIIT leg exercise

The HIIT workout has recently gained a lot of popularity among athletes and those who wish to lead healthy lives. One of the best decisions you can make is to include it in your exercise regimen because it has numerous health advantages for your body.

By alternating short bursts of moderate to low intensity activity with times of intensive exercise, this type of exercise burns calories quickly.

In this instance, you'll get a real-world illustration of how to perform an HIIT workout that targets the legs specifically while simultaneously working the abs. By doing so, you may strengthen your legs and core while also enhancing your cardiovascular health.

HIIT leg training

The tools you'll need for this exercise are:

a stairmaster.

a balance ball.

The following is the format for your HIIT leg workout.

5 minutes to warm up (you can do this on the treadmill at 6 km/h).

Fast run for 60 seconds (you can also do jumping jacks, skipping, or jumping jacks if you don't have a treadmill.

20 glute-building squats

20 Lunge

Burpees: ten

Squats: 20

20 leg raises

Leg curls with a ball for 20 reps, followed by 20 ab crunches

Twenty ab crunches

20 oblique crunches in a row (bicycle)

Start by completing at least three laps of this circuit, and get better each time you use it. The objective is to exert more than what it takes to complete 10 laps of this track while taking no more than 60 seconds of rest in between each round.

List of HIIT Legs Exercises #1. Sprints or fast running

You must maintain a high level of intensity for 60 seconds to complete this challenging exercise.

2. Kneeling squats

Beginning with your feet together, jump into a wide stance with your feet facing outward and your knees bent 90 degrees. then start over from the beginning.

3. Leggings

Place your feet hip-width apart to begin. 90-degree forward extension of one leg should cause the rear heel to lift. On the way down, avoid letting the rear knee contact the floor.

Four burpees

Step out with your feet together. Jump hands up and land in a squat position with hands in front of feet. Legs extended, assume a plank stance. Next, hop up while turning your feet toward your hands.

5. Kneel

Legs apart when you stand. Maintaining a straight back at all times, lower yourself 90 degrees parallel to the ground. Ensure that your knees and feet are in alignment.

6. Leg adductions

When you are lying on the floor, raise your legs straight up, then lower them again while maintaining your position without raising your back.

7. Leg curls with a ball for workout

Laying down, put the ball between your calves and heels and under your legs. Suspend your hips above the ground. Repeat.

Crunches 8

As you exhale, start lifting your torso while lying on the floor with your hands behind your neck. As you lift your upper body, don't forget to lift your shoulders as well. Also, avoid pulling your neck.

Opposite abs

As with the abdominal exercises, begin in the same position. Swing your elbow in the direction of the opposing leg and then alternate.


Although this HIIT leg workout isn't the only one you can perform to help you develop a fantastic body, we do hope you enjoy it. All you need is a stability ball to get started.