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Arnold's top suggestions for developing large shoulders


Arnold's top suggestions for developing large shoulders

A good body looks fantastic when the delts are broad and well-rounded. Strong shoulders also enhance the effectiveness of your lifts. You can enhance your shoulder workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger's boulder shoulders exercise.

One of those muscle groups that flat-out refuses to grow after a while of bodybuilding is the shoulder area, which reduces your gains.

What's worse, enthusiastic young bodybuilders frequently fail to recognize that the shoulders are a complex body part that requires more stimulation and exercises that encourage growth than the usual barrage of pushups.

As a result, we've decided to share with you some training advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger today. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the most well-known bodybuilder in his prime because of his enormous arms and thick, muscular delts.

No bodybuilder, though, worked out as hard as he did. Not being afraid of hard work when it comes to shoulder training is one of Arnold's most important pieces of advice for aspiring bodybuilders.

The three heads of the deltoids—anterior, medial, and posterior, or more commonly front, side, and rear—allow for the complex movement of the shoulder joints.

This means that your shoulder training program must incorporate a variety of motions in order to effectively target all three heads of the muscle group.

Arnold, a well-known advocate of high volume training, loves to work his shoulders and traps with more sets, aiming for as much as 30–50 three times per week. For amazing shoulder gains, check out his exercise down below!

Arnold's 4 Exercise Chest Workout is a classic chest workout designed by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold's Boulder Shoulders Exercise

Arnold typically starts his shoulder training with presses. He believes that seated military presses are one of the basic shoulder workouts since he has done so many of them over the years, both to the front and back of his neck.

He asserts that both types are successful in developing side heads, and he routinely alternated between them throughout each session.

If you want to add more variety and intensity to your exercise, start with some Arnold presses. Starting with the dumbbells in front of your shoulders, turn them outward so that your palms are facing away from you at the top of the motion to perform an Arnold press.

Arnold typically performs raising exercises like lateral rises, which further exhaust the side heads of the deltoids, front raises, which develop the front heads, and bent raises, which primarily target the back deltoids, after presses.

Use wires in your workout and try laying dumbbell lifts for diversity. Upright rows, power cleans, and shrugs are among of Schwarzenegger's most effective trap maneuvers. He usually finishes his shoulder workouts under one of the trees.

With the right amount of wise exercise, anyone can grow broad shoulders. Aim to train your shoulders as much as you can while keeping this in mind. Arnold's shoulder exercise, which is certain to completely reboot your shoulders and produce noticeable increases, can be found below.


Sets: 5, reps: 6–10 for SITTING PRESS.

when paired with LATERAL RAISES sets: five; iterations:

8 repetitions, 5 sets, and a machine press

Superset for BENT LATERALS: sets: 5, reps:

5 reps each set; 10 straight rows.

With it, CABLE ONE ARM LATERAL is superset. RISE: sets: five; reps: