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Common Myths About How To Get A Six Pack


Common Myths About How To Get A Six Pack

Although defined abs are the muscle group that is least usually seen among regular gym goers, nearly everyone who exercises regularly wishes to have one. It is a fact that most gym goers have no idea how to get a six-pack.

Because they relate the tightness they experience when performing crunches to having a flat stomach, the majority of people believe that they are the key to having well-developed abs. Here are some common myths about how to get six-pack abs.

Myths about how to get a six pack

What promises of getting abs you can see are true and what are not? Among the most common myths that new gym goers accept as fact are the following ones:

1. By doing hundreds of crunches each day, you can get a six-pack. This is entirely untrue! The abdominal muscles are a muscle group, just like the triceps, biceps, or any other muscle group. You won't get a defined body by doing endless crunches. Your abdominal muscles will simply tire. Crunches with weights will make them stronger and a little bit bigger if you give them enough rest and the right nutrients, but they won't become noticeable.

The Untold Story of Abs Training

2. To lose weight, you must perform crunches or sit-ups. When a muscle is worked, the fat around it is not burned! The body is made to burn fat all over, not just in one place.

As a result, doing numerous crunches and sit-ups will make your abs stronger and bigger, but they won't be visible if your belly fat covers them. If you want to get a six-pack, you must lose extra body fat.

3. You can eat a lot of junk food and carbohydrates since you workout. This is only partially accurate because some individuals can survive without eating a balanced diet. However, they often have a quick metabolism, exercise frequently, and move A LOT (have physically demanding jobs, etc.). But let's face it—the majority of individuals don't move nearly enough to expend all the calories they consume.

4. Working your abs for hours every day could give you great abs. Nope. This will only make you overworked and lack ab definition, similar to performing countless crunches.

So how do you get a six pack?

Consuming a balanced diet and burning more calories each day than you take in are the keys to success. To be able to see a sharply defined six pack, you don't need to do any sort of ab exercises. The most important factor is body fat %.

When you perform compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, your abs are already under a lot of stress.

Try to eat 500–600 less calories per day than you usually do, cut back on sugar, increase fiber, eat more protein, and limit your sugar intake.

Get 30 minutes of exercise three to four times per week (cycling, fast pace walking, swiming etc.).

In two to three months after starting, you can begin to notice some real results.