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Four back exercises that really bulk up your muscles


Four back exercises that really bulk up your muscles

The benefits of back training are numerous. A strong back helps to prevent injuries, stabilizes the spine, and generally allows you to lift more weight during all activities. Not to mention that you seem gorgeous and athletic if you have a broad, deep V-shaped back.

Consequently, if you want a huge, muscular back, look at the exercises listed below. Each one of them can help your back muscles and the muscles around it grow in size and strength.


The deadlift is neither a leg exercise nor a lower back exercise. The best workout for increasing general strength and bulk is this one. particularly the muscles in your back. This seemingly straightforward maneuver involves every muscle in your back.

Additionally, because big deadlifts place such a great deal of stress on the body, doing them will force your body to manufacture more growth hormone and testosterone. So why aren't all of the people at the gym deadlifting? Considering that mastering the deadlift is arguably the most unpleasant and painful exercise.


How many men have you seen perform countless pull-down repetitions yet struggle with three or five pull-ups? Pull-ups are the ideal bodyweight workout, but they need a tremendous amount of strength to perform.

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Additionally, pull-ups are a quick way to develop a broad back and more upper body bulk. There are more varieties, such as the chin-up, where you use a grip that is reversed from pull-ups and is a little closer. Compared to pull-ups, these exercise the arms more. Here is a detailed breakdown of pull-ups and chin-ups.

Weighted rows

A traditional back workout for adding muscle and strength is the barbell row. It's challenging, but it has many advantages, like strengthening your stomach and lower back while also stabilizing you with your knees and hips.

Simply said, this compound movement increases bulk. It will assist you in building a "V"-shaped body and your upper back.

A further benefit of rowing is that it helps us achieve a balance in the size and power of our pushing and pulling muscles, which enhances our posture.

Bench-press rows

The one-arm barbell row looks like this. It increases thickness in the rear delts, middle and upper back, and both. In a separate post, we discuss why this particular row would be a preferable choice for buildings with larger backs. The one arm row enables a wider range of motion and a stronger emphasis on the pulling muscles, which is the reason.

However, compared to a row using barbells, only lesser weights are permitted.

Want to change your physique from average to strong and muscular while adding pounds of lean muscle? Don't forget to include these exercises in your training regimen.