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Sit-ups are not the best ab exercises for a visible six-pack (No Equipment Needed)

Sit-ups are not the best ab exercises for a visible six-pack (No Equipment Needed)

Trying to build your core while pursuing a six-pack? Although you can make better choices, sit-ups can be helpful. Here are 3 abdominal workouts for a shredded-looking tummy that are superior to sit-ups.

Having a strong core is associated with having a fit body and being healthy. Everyone wants to be able to show off their six-pack. Even though the key to getting a six-pack is to have a low body fat percentage, which is primarily attained through diet, you should still exercise your abs to hasten the process.

The Best Abdominal Exercises Are Not Sit-Ups

The rectus abdominis is the only muscle that sit-ups target, Lorenz claims, and they may be bad for your spine. What distinguishes Lorenz's suggested ab exercises from sit-ups?

One: Kneeling

Knee Lifting

The knee raise was chosen for this article even though both legs raises and knee raises are great for your abs because they both focus on your abs without affecting your mobility or lack thereof.

The knee raise can be carried out either hanging or supported. Avoid using any momentum when performing the exercise as this will cause your abs to release tension.

both a side plank and a bent-knee plank

Plank with knees bent and side plank

Because the combination of these two workouts provides the best value for your money, it is included on this list of abs exercises that are superior to sit-ups.

Always keep your pelvis tilted back throughout the first part of the exercise to involve your abdomen more. Aim for a hollow body position for the best core activation.

Keep your body as horizontal as you can while performing the plank. Drive your arm, leg, and shoulder blade into the ground rather than just hanging there.

Either one or two legs can be on the ground while performing the side plank, but it's more difficult to balance on one leg.

3. Plank


If a conventional plank is too easy for you, you can make the exercise more difficult by extending the lever between your feet and elbows, which are the two points holding you up. As you move your body further backward, the workout gets harder.

However, the greater the distance will place more stress on your spine, which is harmful, if you can't hold the position with your pelvis tilted forward.

By elevating one foot, one hand, or both off the ground, you can increase the instability of this exercise and the tension on your core.

Additionally, these three abdominal exercises are more effective than sit-ups, which you should always incorporate into your workouts. To see a thorough explanation of each exercise and additional guidance from Lorenz, click on the video link below.