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Five Tips for Hardgainer Arm Building


Five Tips for Hardgainer Arm Building

The straightforward and unforgiving fact about muscle growth is that some people have stronger genetics for gaining muscle than others. Others must push themselves to the limit and work much harder to see any improvement. Your arms aren't any different.

While some people appear to be able to develop large arms simply by performing the most fundamental exercises, there are others whose biceps remain average after rigorous and extensive training.

Well, despite the former's outstanding appearance, there is little likelihood that you will learn anything from these people. On the other hand, you should probably ask the latter for help if you want to establish a technique for building your biceps.

They were the ones who had to devise novel ways to lengthen their arms by a half-inch. These dedicated individuals have learned through years of trial and error, experimenting with various routines and high-intensity principles, how to maximize every effort of their sets.

The tactics utilized by competitive bodybuilders—who, believe it or not, struggled to develop their shirt-busting arms—are presented to you in today's post. Learn about potential roadblocks to your ideal body and how to get through them.


The following advice will be very helpful for you in developing your arms if you fall into the category of the average male.

1. You should perform different arm exercises. Don't exercise them after you've finished working out a bigger muscle group. They should be alert and equipped to lift large objects.

2. From time to time, lighten the weight you lift. Lowering the burden is sometimes preferable. Subtract 10% of your working weight.

3. You'll strengthen your mind-muscle connection by handling less weight. It's just as crucial to feel your muscles tense and contract as it is to lift heavy.

4. You should slow down the repetitions so you can work the pump. Your rep range should be 8–15.

5. Pay attention to completing excellent reps. Avoid manipulating the execution. To do so would only be to steal your riches. As you go up, attempt to control the rep. When you reach the top, stop and tighten your muscles. Apply the same logic to the downward movement, putting more emphasis on the rep's negative movement.

6. You should strike your triceps and biceps from varied angles. To completely activate them, you will therefore need to use a variety of moves.

7. You may want to give your arms more care if they aren't keeping up with your other muscles. For a while, you might wish to train them more frequently than other body parts.

8. You should make high-intensity exercises a staple of your routine. For optimal muscular growth, incorporate forced reps, negatives, and drop sets into your program.

9. Avoid becoming stale in your routine. Like every other muscle in your body, your arms are made of tissue. They stop growing as they grow accustomed to the loads, angles, and dynamics. You must therefore continuously incorporate new exercises, alter the rep range, raise the weight, or shorten the rest interval.

You may find that certain tried-and-true workouts don't work for you, but you'll also find that other, less well-known, and somewhat cryptic actions cause the rocks in your biceps peak to appear. Change is one of the most significant factors in bodybuilding, just as it is in all other facets of life.