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Circuit Workout for Burning Fat in 10 Minutes


Circuit Workout for Burning Fat in 10 Minutes

Researchers from a recent study on the effectiveness of high-intensity circuit training created a conditioning regimen that can be completed anywhere in less than 10 minutes and was published by the American College of Sports Medicine.

In this intense 10-minute workout, the exercises are performed in 30-second intervals, with a 20-second cool-down or rest period in between each one.

The 10-minute exercise

There are twelve exercises in the high-intensity workout as a whole:

*Jacks-Ups on Planks

*lateral plank


*Crunches and rotational pushups


*climbs up into a chair

*Dips Wall Sit Running without moving


Even though this is simply a brief circuit training model, depending on how frequently people utilize it each week, it will undoubtedly aid them in maintaining excellent health and high metabolism. Both those who desire to maintain their physical fitness and those who lack the time to go to the gym can use it.

It is also strongly advised for people who frequently travel yet still want to do a quick HIIT workout.

After the circuit is finished, it can be repeated one or two more times with a short break in between.

A word of caution: individuals with intermediate to advanced training expertise should perform high-intensity circuit workouts. This workout is not recommended for those who are not accustomed to vigorous physical activity.

We do feel that high-intensity workouts are not fully understood, even though they are widely marketed these days for everyone and anywhere with a strong marketing message regarding the brief amount of time needed to finish the activity.

Despite the short duration of the workout—just under 10 minutes—the intensity is very high, which is neither pleasant nor comfortable and can be difficult for even experienced athletes. Feel free to perform one or more circuits if you still have energy after finishing the workout.

However, the 10-minute workout can be a terrific tool for maintaining good form, burning fat, or increasing metabolism for the trainee with moderate to high experience levels.