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3 Triceps Exercises for Huge Arms

Do you believe that performing barbell curls repeatedly will somehow cause your arms to grow at a rate that is unheard of? Everyone you see on the street would have enormous upper extremities that couldn't fit through doors if arm development operated that way. So don't worry—after reading this article, you won't fall victim to this frequent pitfall that most bodybuilders fall into.

The Value of Triceps Exercise

Your triceps make up two-thirds of the size of your entire upper arm, but your biceps make up only one-third. It follows that your triceps deserve more exercise than you likely currently provide them. A very incorrect mass-building approach that will never give you the results you desire is the obsession with biceps growth, which receives much more attention than triceps.

The growth of the triceps plays a crucial role in both developing large, well-balanced arms and enhancing bench pressing power. Moreover, you might make more gains the more weight you can lift. So, there is only one issue left to be addressed: what is the ideal volume for triceps exercises?

One of the best techniques to determine the precise amount of training needed to promote the most muscle growth without succumbing to overtraining is through HIT or high-intensity training. How hard you're willing to push yourself will determine everything!

In all honesty, there isn't a fix for this issue that works for everyone. The ideal set volume is highly dependent on the individual's experience and capacity for recovery, much like the majority of other training variables.

Triceps Exercises That Build Muscle

The intensity of the effort is strong, but it's not as high as it would be with the addition of forced reps at the conclusion of the set if you train for failure without using HIT variables. As a result, you might need to perform more sets. On the other hand, more skilled lifters have a higher concentration and are better able to focus the resistance on the muscle, therefore they likely need fewer sets.

The greatest place to start if you're having problems determining the ideal volume for your particular abilities and objectives is with this recommendation. Visible effects will come more quickly than you anticipate if you pay close attention to them and push yourself as hard as you can each time you train.

Level 1: Basic Triceps Exercises

Your excitement should now primarily be directed at developing proper form and technique to a high level of proficiency. You won't have a great chance of long-term success if you skip this important phase. Use three to four sets, and complete one rep before it fails.

Beginning Triceps Exercise Example:

1 × 12 triceps extensions for lying 

triceps extensions for lying

1 × 10 Triceps pushdowns 

Triceps pushdowns

1 set of 12 kickbacks


1 set of 10 close-grip bench press

close-grip bench press

Don't take a break between exercises as you finish the regimen.

Level #2: Advanced Triceps Exercises

You are prepared to go on to the next stage of your training after 10 to 12 months of consistent training. Change to performing 3 sets to failure if you've noticeably improved your form and made progress with the weight you can utilize.

Intermediate Triceps Exercise Example:

1 x 12 seated triceps extensions

seated triceps extensions

1 x 10 triceps kickbacks

triceps kickbacks

1 × 8 tricep dips

tricep dips

Don't take a break between exercises as you finish the regimen.

Level #3: Complex Triceps Exercises

By working arduously and consistently for 6–12 months, lifters typically reach this level. You should be able to fully contract your muscles during a session by this point, and your ability to concentrate the force of your fibers has improved.

You will be well-equipped to generate amazing improvements in muscle development and strength if you start utilizing HIIT factors like burn reps and partial reps in addition to performing nearly all of your sets to failure. Take only 1-2 sets to failure when utilizing partial reps and burn reps to prevent overtraining. Take your most amount of sets to failure if you're training without HIIT variables.

Partial reps, which are basically repetitions performed within a specific range of motion (for example, performing only the top six inches of a bench press's full range of motion), can help you achieve more rapid muscle growth by overloading muscle fibers, for those of you who are unfamiliar with intensity-boosting techniques.

Burn reps, in contrast, involve performing partial repetitions at the end of the set when contractile failure of the tissue prevents any further full repetitions. They differ from cheat reps in that, unlike the latter, they call for the maintenance of proper form and can be used as set intensifiers to accelerate the process of muscle growth.

An example triceps exercise

Machine dips: 1 x 8 negative-only reps + 4 static contraction holds, followed by 1 x 8 forced reps at the end of the set.

Don't take a break between exercises as you finish the regimen. To do only the lowering portion of each rep on the sitting machine dips, have a training partner lift the weight for you.

After that, lighten the load a little and push the machine's arms downward until they are almost in the lockout position. Before shifting the weight back to the starting position, maintain the arms' position for 10 seconds. Continue until you have finished all four holds. Reduce the weight as necessary before attempting each hold.

Step up your game today and start crushing your triceps by implementing these ideas into your triceps workouts right away for optimal benefits!