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What Should You Do If Your Arms Don't Grow?

What Should You Do If Your Arms Don't Grow?

You've been working out for a while, and while your development has been terrific, you've just noticed that your arms are not developing as quickly as they once did. You're left wondering what happened. There are numerous answers to this issue, so there is no need to become frustrated.

There are several things you may do to encourage arm growth once more. So let's keep this quick and to the point:

There is no need for 10. We could offer you one of those lists of ten things you could do if your arms aren't growing, or we could give you an unlimited list of things you might do, but there is no need for ten. We'll limit ourselves to only three essential items, which will be more than enough.


1. To begin with, refrain from lifting anything.

At first, this can seem a little paradoxical but bear with us. There is a very good chance that you are overtrained. You regularly exercise so hard and obsessively to develop those large arms that you forget to allow your body the rest it needs for rehabilitation and healing. You must thus give yourself a rest.

Take 7–10 days off from working out. No, contrary to what some so-called experts would have you think, your muscles won't shrivel away. So take a short break from the gym, concentrate on other aspects of your life, and have fun.

After you return, you'll likely break through plateaus and add new muscle to your arms.

2. Change your exercise routine

If you do the same exercise routine at every training session, your progress will inevitably stop. Without a motive to do so, the muscles will no longer expand.

Your body may have acclimated to the present exercise regimen. That is why changing it is beneficial. You can be performing an upper-lower body split, for instance. Try changing it up by focusing on one body region with each training session while increasing the frequency of your workouts.

As a result, if your previous schedule involved working out your upper body on Monday and Thursday and your lower body on Tuesday and Friday, with the rest days of Wednesday and the weekend, you may switch it to:

Monday - Chest

Tuesday - Back

Quads on Wednesday

Thursday is a day off.

Arms on Friday.

Hamstrings and calves on Saturday

Sunday: a day of rest

3. Increase calorie consumption

You cannot create new muscle tissue from scratch. To support the development of new muscle, you must give your body the proper caloric intake. Hence, if you want to develop large arms, you must consume more calories. It's possible that when you put on weight, your arms will likewise enlarge.

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Start using at least one of the suggestions above if your arms aren't growing as quickly as they once did. Their effectiveness is almost certain. Developing enormous weapons is not exactly a difficult task. The key is to work out frequently and consistently. Results will undoubtedly come.